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Kathryn Curtis

Kathryn is a midwife at Kingaroy Hospital.
Kathryn is a midwife at Kingaroy Hospital.
Kathryn is a Midwife in the Kingaroy Hospital Maternity Unit. She's passionate about providing Kingaroy women with a positive birth experience. As a midwife in a rural hospital Kathryn said she never knows what her day is going to look like.

“In larger hospitals, you know your shift is in the birthing suite, or postnatal ward, but in a rural hospital, it could any or both of those. Some days, I could be with a family helping bring a baby into the world, and then caring for another woman in postnatal, or caring for a nursery baby.”

When asked what inspires her, Kathryn said it is other women.
“Midwives are privileged to work with women in a way that is very intimate, at a time that is extremely transformative. I am constantly inspired by the seemingly bottomless well of strength women have, even when they don't realise it, that they draw from on their journey to motherhood.”

Last updated: 3 July 2020