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Podcast: My Amazing Body

A graphic image of a woman dancing, which shows her skeleton.My Amazing Body is a podcast that explores interesting, unknown and misunderstood parts of your body, featuring interviews with medical experts and stories from real Queenslanders. Each episode runs for about 20 minutes, and you can listen in any order you want.

Listen to My Amazing Body at the links below, or find the episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pandora or your favourite podcast app.

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The My Amazing Body logo with an image of a brain
The Brain

Learn what we know, and what remains a mystery, about the workings of your brain.

A graphic logo for the podcast wit ha picture of veins.
The Arteries and Veins

How does your blood travel around your body? How do you keep your circulatory system healthy? Learn about all this and more in this episode of My Amazing Body.

A graphic of the My Amazing Body logo
The Thyroid Gland

Don't know what your thyroid gland does or why it's so important to your health? Listen to this episode of My Amazing Body to find out.

A graphic image of testicles and the text 'My Amazing Body'
The Testicles

How much do you really know about the testicles? In this episode, Paediatric surgery fellow Dr Annie Roberts gives us the lowdown on all things testicular health.

A graphic image with a picture of the adrenal glands on it.
The Adrenal Glands

What do your adrenal glands do? Find out in this episode of My Amazing Body.

A graphic image with a picture of kidneys on it.
The Kidneys

Find out all about what the kidneys do and how to look after your kidney health in this episode of My Amazing Body.

A graphic image with a picture of an ear on it.
The Ear

Find out how hearing works and the role your ears play in your sense of balance in this episode of My Amazing Body.

A graphic with an illustration of skin microbes.
The Skin Microbiome

This episode of My Amazing Body introduces your skin microbiome. What do the bugs on your skin do? Are they helpful or harmful? Listen to find out.

Last updated: 28 September 2020