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Nutrition Education Materials Online weight control resources

Resources are designed to be used by health professionals.

Approved nutrition education materials

Healthy eating out, takeaway and convenience meals NEMO Weight Management Group
Self monitoring for a healthy lifestyle
Understanding Portion Sizes
The hunger level scale
Meal planning and preparation for healthy eating at home
Importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle
Getting started: guidelines for shaping up
The dieting cycle
Healthy weight resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people NEMO Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Group
An Integrated Approach for Tackling Childhood Overweight and Obesity in Queensland
It is the state’s first evidence-based paediatric framework for addressing the issue of overweight and obesity among children and young people. The document includes: Overview, Model of Care and Toolkit, with key resources and references that can be used by all clinicians across all levels of the health care system.
Paediatric Obesity Working Group, Queensland Child and Youth Clinical Network.
Growing Good Habits - families/consumers Children’s Health Queensland HHS
Growing Good Habits - Health Professionals section
This is the dedicated health professionals section of the Growing Good Habits website, which has been developed in collaboration with the Preventive Health Branch. This section provides an online hub for the most up-to-date and evidence-based information, resources and tools, and research.
Children’s Health Queensland HHS

Last updated: 19 March 2018