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People living with a disability

For many people living with a disability and their carers, good oral health is an important part of maintaining an individual's overall health.

Depending on the needs of the individual the oral health routine may vary slightly. By consulting your dentist or oral health professional they will be able to assist you in developing an oral health routine that best suits your needs.

For good oral health it is important to:

  • brush every tooth surface twice a day using a soft toothbrush. Ask you dentist for information on aids to assist with brushing if required.
  • use fluoride toothpaste
  • if possible floss daily
  • visit the dentist regularly
  • drink plenty of tap water
  • limit your consumption of soft drinks, sports drinks and sweet foods


Healthy Teeth for Life Fact Sheet - Oral health for people with special needs

Last updated: 13 December 2011