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Emergencies and accidents

A knocked out (adult) tooth:

The following information is only recommended for adult teeth (i.e. permanent teeth). Knocked out teeth can be saved but immediate action is required.

A knocked out baby tooth (i.e.deciduous or milk tooth) should not be re-implanted.

What to do?

  • Clean the tooth using the injured person's own saliva or milk or saline solution. Do not scrub the tooth.
  • Replace tooth into the socket. Remember to place it in the correct way around.
  • Hold tooth in place. You may need to use something such as aluminium foil to act as a splint.
  • Seek dental care immediately. The sooner dental treatment is sought, the greater chance there is of saving the tooth.

Important notes:

  • If unable to replace the tooth due to injuries, do not allow the tooth to dry out. Store the tooth in the mouth (place just inside cheek), in milk or wrap it in plastic wrap (not a tissue).  Seek dental care immediately.
  • Do not store the tooth in water.


  • For schools and sporting clubs why not incorporate the above points into your emergency procedures.


Healthy Teeth for Life Fact Sheet - Dental emergencies

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Last updated: 9 December 2011