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Happy Teeth Program Manual


 Happy Teeth Cover Image


The Happy Teeth Program Manual is a large document that has been broken up into sections to enable downloading by most systems.


 Folder Templates
 Cover   PDF
 Tabs   PDF
 Spine   PDF

 Section   Page(s) 
 Contents  PDF  1
 Acknowledgements  PDF  2
 Why are teeth important?   PDF    3 - 5
 Philosophy  PDF  6 - 7
 Aim of Happy Teeth   PDF    8
 Adult roles   PDF  9
 Educator  PDF  10
 Parent / Carer Information   PDF    11 - 14
 A word from the good guys   PDF    15
 The main characters   PDF  16
 How to use this kit   PDF  17 - 18
 0 - 2 year olds   PDF  19
 2 - 3 year olds   PDF  20 - 21
 3 - 4 year olds   PDF  22 - 25
 4 - 5 year olds   PDF  26 - 31
 Nutrition and oral health policies   PDF    32 - 37
 Toothbrushing program   PDF  38 - 44

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 Resource Sections    Page(s)
 Songs, rhymes and activities  
 Part I  PDF  R1 - R7
 Part II   PDF  R8 - R13
 Educator Resources
 Fact Sheets - Part I   PDF  R15 - R20
 Fact Sheets - Part II   PDF  R21 - R27
 Blackline masters   PDF  R28 - R31
 Toothbrushing calendar   PDF  R32
 Dentist coat pattern   PDF  R33
 Toothbrush bag pattern   PDF  R34
 Newsletter Items
 Part I   PDF  R35
 Part II   PDF  R36
 Part III   PDF  R37
 Part IV   PDF  R38 - R39
 Part V   PDF  R40 - R41
 Part VI   PDF  R42 - R43
 Parent Pamphlets

 Teething  PDF

 Drinks for Babies and Toddlers    PDF
 Brushing Toddler's Teeth    PDF
 Tooth Friendly Foods and Tooth Enemies    PDF
 Your Child's First Dental Visit     PDF
 Thumbsucking and Dummies    PDF
 Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy during Pregnancy    PDF
 Preventing Infant Tooth Decay   PDF
 Additional Resources
 Additional Resources  PDF R65 - R67
 Happy Teeth Order Form  PDF

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Last Updated: 28 August 2012
Last Reviewed: 19 September 2013