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Primary Clinical Care Manual 8th Edition 2013

The documents below are the controlled copy of the Primary Clinical Care Manual 8th edition 2013.

Once these documents have been downloaded and/or printed they will become uncontrolled.

Please check back regularly for updates and changes to these files.




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Full manual

(PDF, 11MB)


In our efforts to always improve the experience for users of the Primary Clinical Care Manual, the full version of the downloadable pdf version of the manual now contains links from every topic in the Index section to the appropriate page of the manual.
This should make it much faster and more convenient to search for information.

Many thanks to David Graff, CN, Esk Hospital and a member of the PCCM Editorial Committee for undertaking this large piece of work to assist all users.

Cover page

(PDF, 1.5 MB)



(PDF, 126 KB)


(PDF, 53 KB)


Table of Contents

(PDF, 117 KB)





     Queensland Health

(PDF, 29 KB)

     Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section)

(PDF, 76 KB)

     Queensland Ambulance Service

(PDF, 61 KB)

     Chief of Nursing

(PDF, 63 KB)

     Australian Defence Force

(PDF, 48 KB)

     New South Wales - Hunter New England Local Health District

(PDF, 48 KB)


(PDF, 97 KB)



(PDF, 109 KB)


(PDF, 1.49 MB)


Section 1 - Patient presentation and assessment

(PDF, 788 KB)


Section 2 - Emergency



Emergency - Resuscitation

(PDF, 2.5MB)

Emergency - Cardiovascular and Neurological

(PDF, 262KB)

Emergency - Trauma and Injuries / Fractures / Disclocations and Sprains

(PDF, 587KB)

Emergency - Acute Wounds / Burns / Environmental / ENT / Gastro / Genito

(PDF, 1.47MB)

Emergency - Poisoning and Drug / Toxinology - Bites and Stings

(PDF, 760KB)

Section 3 - General

(PDF, 2.76MB)


Section 4 - Mental health and substance misuse

(PDF, 309 KB)


Section 5 - Sexual and reproductive health

(PDF, 1.49 MB)


Section 6 - Paediatrics

(PDF, 1.4   MB)


Section 7 - Immunisation

(PDF, 112 KB)



(PDF, 120 KB)

     Appendix 1 - Medication reconciliation    
     Appendix 2 - Medication history checklist    
     Appendix 3 - Management of patient death    
     Appendix 4 - Glasgow Coma Scale / AVPU    

(PDF, 116 KB)

Simple Analgesia

(PDF, 1.34MB)

Criteria for Early Notification

(PDF, 181KB)

Anaphylaxis Flow Chart

(PDF, 150KB)



























Last Updated: 02 April 2014
Last Reviewed: 02 April 2014