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Image of a Mulga snakeSnake bites in Australia from land or sea snakes can be potentially fatal and immediate medical assistance should be sought for all cases of suspected snake-bite. While not all snakes are venomous, it is difficult to identify snakes, so all bites should be treated as being potentially dangerous.

If a snake bite occurs, call 000 for an ambulance, use the pressure-immobilisation technique, and have the patient taken immediately to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Antivenom is available.

If you have a snake in your yard, a local Snake Catcher may be found by searching the Yellow Pages and may remove the snake for a fee. Do not attempt to kill or capture the snake yourself.

For more information on Queensland snakes, see the Queensland Museum Snakes feature.

Last Updated: 01 October 2013
Last Reviewed: 01 October 2013