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Image of a Mulga snakeSnake bites in Australia from land or sea snakes can be potentially fatal and immediate medical assistance should be sought for all cases of suspected snake-bite. While not all snakes are venomous, it is difficult to identify snakes, so all bites should be treated as being potentially dangerous.

If a snake bite occurs, call 000 for an ambulance, use the pressure-immobilisation technique, and have the patient taken immediately to the emergency department of the nearest hospital. Antivenom is available.

Contact the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service on 1300 130 372 and follow the prompts if you have a snake in your yard that you would like to have removed. Do not attempt to kill or capture the snake yourself.

For more information on Queensland snakes, see the Queensland Museum Snakes feature.

Last Updated: 01 October 2013
Last Reviewed: 01 October 2013