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Brazilian nightshade

Brazilian nightshade vine close up of fruit of the Brazilian nightshade close up of flowers of the Brazilian nightshade
Category 2 toxicity icon

 Common name   Brazilian nightshade
 Botanical name   Solanum seaforthianum
 Other common names   -
Family   Solanaceae
 General description   A perennial vine cultivated as an ornamental and often found growing in moist gullies and clearings near residential areas.
Flowers   The flowers occur in pendant clusters. Flowers are star-shaped, 2–3cm in diameter, blue to purple, with a tuft of yellow stamens in the centre.
Leaves   The leaves are alternating on the stem, 13cm long and 11cm wide, and deeply divided into three to nine irregularly shaped segments.
 Fruit/Berries   Fruit are globular, succulent, shiny berries, bright red to scarlet when ripe, about 1cm in diameter with numerous seeds inside.
Other   The sap is clear.
Symptoms   All parts of the plant are poisonous. The leaves and fruit may cause gastro-intestinal irritation, nausea and diarrhoea.
Toxicity category   2
Warning   -

Last Updated: 27 June 2007
Last Reviewed: 30 October 2008