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Knowing which plants or fungi are poisonous or irritating is important information for parents and carers, child care operators, bushwalkers, those interested in bush tucker, Local Councils and those who simply enjoy time in the garden or bush.

For gardeners, this website and booklet will help identify plants that shouldn’t be grown (or at least kept behind a fence) in areas where children or toddlers are likely to play.

Information on obtaining non-toxic or non-spiny plants suitable for your area and situation can be obtained from your local nursery.

If you are concerned about an actual or suspected poisoning, call the Poisons Information Centre immediately on 13 11 26. This website also provides basic First Aid advice for plant and fungi poisoning.

This website is not a complete account of all plants and fungi in Queensland that are known to be poisonous or injurious to people. Many native species and a large number of imported plants have yet to be tested for toxicology. If you have any doubts about any plant or fungi call the Queensland Herbarium on (07) 3896 9318. You may order a booklet by lodging the order form electronically on the pamphlets and stickers page.

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Last Updated: 01 October 2013
Last Reviewed: 01 October 2013