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Poisoning prevention

Keep the telephone number for the Poisons Information Centre (13 11 26) handy:

Install child resistant mechanisms on all doors where poisons or medicines are stored. This will help keep them "out of reach of children".

Store medicines and poisons out of reach and out of sight of children - in a high, locked or child resistant cupboard is best.

Try to buy poisons in child resistant packaging.

Unpack shopping bags immediately and put all medicines and poisons out of sight and reach of children.

Check that child resistant caps are working correctly. You may need to clean around the top of the bottle.

Always tightly close and put away medicines and poisons after use.

Never transfer poisons to another container, especially drink or food containers.

Pets get poisoned too. Ensure pets are kept away from poisons.

Link to poisoning prevention information on:

Poisonings in children

The facts you need to know (PDF 593kB) including information on the most common poisons, risk factors, prevention methods and real life situations.

Last Updated: 01 October 2013
Last Reviewed: 01 October 2013