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Authorised Cervical Screening Providers

The confidential information held on the Pap Smear Register is restricted to authorised persons with legitimate reasons for access.

Who can become an authorised Cervical Screening Provider?

Registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers who have completed an accredited cervical screening course can be recognised as health practitioners under the Public Health Act 2005 and are eligible to apply for authorisation with the Queensland Pap Smear Register.

Cervical screening authorisation is the process that recognises a non-medical cervical screening provider's expertise in cervical screening. It shows consumers and health care professionals that a non-medical cervical screening provider has participated in a process to meet professional standards of practice, as well periodic competence reviews.

Authorisation is free and the process is easy to complete.

Why become an authorised Cervical Screening Provider?

  • Gain access information on to the Pap Smear Register (PSR) records for your patients in order to make a better assessment.
  • Be included on a mailing list of the latest news and resources available from the Cancer Screening Unit.
  • In rural and remote areas medical officer cervical screening providers are in short supply, and nurses, midwives and health workers are able to reach women in those areas.

Authorisation is:

  • highly recommended for Queensland Health employed nurses, midwives and health workers who perform cervical screening as part of their role
  • voluntary for nurse and health worker cervical screening providers employed in non-Queensland Health organisations, such as general practice, Aboriginal Medical Centres, and True relationships and reproductive health (formerly Family Planning Queensland). However, it is recommended that these PSPs also become authorised, as this provides evidence they meet the same quality benchmarks.

Becoming an authorised cervical screening provider will allow you to:

  • be recognised as a health practitioner who performs cervical screening under the Public Health Act 2005
  • access the Pap Smear Register to obtain screening histories and assist in the clinical management of clients
  • achieve formal benchmark and quality standards
  • receive regular updates and information relevant to your practice.

What is an authorised Cervical Screening Provider required to do?

All authorised cervical screening providers are required to:

  • work within their scope of practice of which they are qualified, experienced and employed to do
  • work within the delegation framework as outlined in the position description
  • ensure that their knowledge and practice of cervical screening procedures is current
  • maintain and demonstrate ongoing competence in performing cervical screening
  • work under the indirect supervision of a Registered Nurse cervical screening provider (applies to health worker and enrolled nurse cervical screening providers)
  • fulfil the legislative requirements of a cervical screening provider associated with accessing PSR data according to Section 272(2) of the Public Health Act 2005
  • notify the PSR if they are no longer collecting cervical screening as part of their employment
  • notify the PSR of any changes to contact or employment details.
Last updated: 1 December 2017