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Queensland Pap Smear Register

Please note all screening history information currently held on the Queensland Pap Smear Register will transition to the new National Cancer Screening Register in early 2018. Visit the National Screening Cancer Register’s website for more information.

The Queensland Health Pap Smear Register (PSR) is a confidential “opt-off” central database of Pap smears and related follow-up tests (including HPV DNA results) for women in Queensland.

The PSR keeps a history of women’s results to assist in the assessment of Pap smears and to assist in providing a better understanding of screening participation, cervical abnormalities, their prevention and effective treatment.

Women can contact the register directly to request a copy of their history, change their details, or delete their screening history. These forms are listed under the clinical cervical screening resources.

Access a patient’s screening history

To access a woman's Pap smear history, authorised Pap smear providers need to quote their provider number to the PSR.

If you want to protect your provider number by password, complete and return the PSR password registration form (PDF 42 kB) to the PSR, who will review the application and issue a password. Once you have received your password, you can contact the Pap Smear Register team to request patient information.

The PSR staff will verify your details before giving out any patient information. Under the Public Health Act 2005 Pap Smear Register staff are not permitted to provide address details without the patient's consent.

Public Health Act 2005 responsibilities

The establishment and purpose of the Pap Smear Register is provided for in the Public Health Act 2005. Under this legislation, it is the Pap smear provider’s responsibility to inform each woman having a Pap smear, histology or HPV DNA test about the PSR. This includes:

  • the existence and purposes of the Register
  • the identifying and clinical information about the woman that may be recorded in the Register
  • that the woman may elect for her identifying and clinical information not be automatically included in the Register.

Patients who choose to opt-off the Register

If you would like to opt off the Pap Smear Register please phone 1800 777 790 to request a deletion request form or alternatively download it here, PSR deletion request form (PDF 47 kB)

Last updated: 4 January 2018