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Waste management for health facilities and waste contractors

This fact sheet provides recommendations for healthcare facilities and waste contractors with regards to the management of waste generated in the care of people with confirmed, probable or suspected COVID-19 infection.

Recommended waste management processes

  • Waste visibly soiled with blood and other bodily fluids, generated during the clinical care of confirmed, probable or suspected cases of COVID-19 should be managed and disposed of as clinical waste in the usual manner—this includes following any usual labelling requirements.
  • There are no additional controls required for disposing of COVID-19 waste. The usual controls in place for the management of clinical waste are sufficient for waste which is visibly soiled with blood and other bodily fluids.
  • Unsoiled PPE can be discarded into general waste if this is acceptable within local council regulation and local facility waste management procedures.
  • Staff should be trained in the correct procedures for waste handling.
  • Segregation of waste as clinical and non-clinical waste should occur at the point of waste generation in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act 1994.
  • Appropriate hand hygiene is one of the most effective measures to protect yourself against infections, including COVID-19.

Advice for non-health residential facilities

Last updated: 11 February 2022