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Developing a shade policy

Local government is responsible for a number of settings where shade is a priority. Read about specific design considerations for these public facilities.

Creating shade in public places

Download the Creating Shade in Public Facilities handbook (PDF 366 kB). This document is designed to help you develop a shade policy.

It provides:

  • Templates and guidance for developing policy, including research findings
  • Steps to implement a new policy and shade guidelines
  • Case studies and a model policy
  • Tips for user consultation
  • Tools to help with initial auditing of the existing situation
  • Design considerations for different materials, and some information about ultraviolet radiation.

The technical guidelines for public facilities have been extracted as a separate quick reference guide.

Local government planning requirements

Any community planning should be documented in the local government planning scheme that describes a council's plan for the future direction of a particular local government area.

The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (SPA) requires that local governments review their planning scheme every 10 years, to ensure that they respond appropriately to changes at a local, regional and state level.

Queensland Planning Provisions (QPP) provide a consistent format and structure for local governments to prepare their planning schemes under the Act while allowing the flexibility to address each local government's circumstances.

Last updated: 26 July 2019