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Implementation review of water risk management plan provisions

It has been over 2 years since Chapter 2A Water risk management plans was included in the Public Health Act 2005 (the Act) replacing the requirements of:

  • public sector hospitals and state aged care facilities under the Health Service Directive: Legionella pneumophila Water Management for its Prevention and Control in Public Healthcare Facilities; and
  • private health facilities licensed under the Private Health Facilities Act 1999 - the Physical Environment Standard requirement for a water quality risk management plan in accordance with the Queensland Government Guidelines for Managing Microbial Water Quality in Health Facilities 2013.

A post implementation review (PIR) is being conducted to assess the actual impacts, effectiveness and continued relevance of the provisions that are currently in force.

Post Implementation Review

A PIR involves the following 2 stage process:

  • preparation of consultation PIR
  • PIR release for consultation (28 days)
  • preparation of decision PIR.

A discussion paper was developed outlining the requirements of the legislation, the impacts identified to date and Queensland Health's conclusions based on the available evidence.

The consultation period has now closed and responses are being considered.

Next stage

A decision PIR will be prepared that updates and builds upon the information in the consultation PIR based on the feedback received on the consultation paper.

The decision PIR is scheduled for completion in February 2020.

Last updated: 2 December 2019