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Choosing a food safety auditor

Once your food safety program is accredited you are required to:

  • organise your first compliance audit within six months
  • have regular audits undertaken at the frequency specified by the local government that accredited the food safety program.

Auditors are approved to conduct audits for specified types of food business. Your audit must be conducted by an auditor approved under the Act for your business type.

There is no requirement for a food business to use a specific auditor, or to use the same auditor for every audit. You can choose any appropriate auditor for your business type from the register.

Register of approved auditors


The Act does not prescribe fees that auditors or local governments may charge for auditing and managing food safety program activities.

These are set by auditors in response to market forces and by local governments in accordance with the Act.

Read more about Food business licensing fees.

Considerations for choosing an auditor

Some factors to consider when choosing an approved auditor may include:

  • referring to the register of approved auditors to find an auditor that provides services within your area and performs audits specific to your type of food business.
  • checking the auditor's current approval, taking note of the term of approval and the scope of the approval.
  • asking the auditor what his or her experience is in conducting audits for your type of food business operation.
  • confirming that the auditor is available to conduct the audit at a suitable time and prior to the date it is due.
  • agreeing on the cost and payment terms prior to the audit being conducted.

Food businesses should ensure that they receive an audit report from the auditor within 14 days after the audit is conducted.

More information

If you have any questions or concerns about an approved auditor, contact the Department of Health on phone (07) 3328 9310, or email us.

If you have any further questions relating to whether your food business is a licensable food business or if the food safety program provisions relate to your food business, contact the local government for the area where your food business is located.

Last updated: 26 July 2019