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Food business licensing fees

Local government are responsible for licensing food businesses within their areas.

They will assess the suitability of the premises, the applicant's compliance history and the applicant's level of skills and knowledge in providing safe food.

Local government may recover their costs by charging fees, and the fee structure will be vary across local government areas.

They will consider:

  • administrative costs in recording and issuing the licence
  • professional costs in assessing the application
  • professional costs for undertaking inspections
  • administrative costs in maintaining a register of licensed food businesses
  • administrative costs of recording details of mobile food businesses into a state register.
  • accreditation and auditing of food safety programs

Fees charged by local governments must not be greater than the cost of providing the service or taking action.

Some fees or charges may apply to food businesses that are not required to hold a licence.

Mobile food businesses only require one licence issued by a Queensland local government in order to operate anywhere in the state. Where a mobile food business licensed by one local government operates in a second local government area, the second local government may charge fees for any service they provide to the business.

More information

Read the Local government guidelines for fee charges according to the Food Act 2006.

Contact your local government to find out about their fee structure.

Last updated: 27 October 2015