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Food safety supervisors

All food businesses must ensure that food handlers do not contaminate food. Some businesses require a licence and have additional responsibilities.

Licensable food businesses must also:

  • ensure the food business holds a current licence to carry on a food business with the local government where the food business operates.
  • ensure there is a food safety supervisor who meets the requirements under the Act.

Certain high risk food businesses such as catering operations and food service in aged care or child care settings also require an accredited food safety program.

Broadly, licensable businesses are those that are involved in manufacturing food and selling unpackaged food (including home based businesses, non-profit organisations, mobile food vans and child care and outside school hours care businesses). There are detailed criteria and a number of exemptions to be aware of.

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Food safety supervisors

A licensee for a food business is required to have a food safety supervisor for that business:

  • the licensee, proprietor or employee may fill that role
  • there may be more than one food safety supervisor for each food business.

A nominated food safety supervisor:

  • must know how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food safety hazards of the food business, have skills and knowledge in food safety matters relevant to the business, and have the authority to supervise and give directions about food safety matters to food handlers.
  • must be reasonably available to be contacted, while the food business is being carried on, by:
    • the local government that licensed the food business
    • any food handler at the food business.
Last updated: 26 July 2019