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Developing a food safety program

Templates are available for some specific business types to help them develop a food safety program that is tailored to that industry.

These can be used as a guide by any type of business as long as the completed program meets the required criteria.

Find Food safety program templates for the following industries:

  • Catering and retail
  • Private hospitals
  • Child care

Food safety program criteria

A food safety program must meet all of the following criteria.

It must:

  • systematically identify the food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur in food handling operations of the food business
  • identify where, in a food handling operation of the food business, each hazard identified can be controlled and the means of control
  • provide for the systematic monitoring of the means of control
  • provide for appropriate corrective action to be taken when a hazard identified is not under control
  • provide for the regular review of the program to ensure it is appropriate for the food business
  • provide for the keeping of appropriate records for the food business, including records about action taken to ensure the business is carried on in compliance with the program
  • contain other information, relating to the control of food safety hazards, prescribed under a regulation.


The local government that issued a food business licence is responsible for accrediting that business's food safety program.

Contact your local government to arrange an appointment.

Last updated: 27 October 2015