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Creating a food label

Food labelling requirements are set out in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The national food standards body (FSANZ) provides information to help consumers to read a food label and understand the food labelling requirements. They provide information on a range of topics, including:

Creating a food label

Label buster was created to help guide businesses on their labelling requirements.

Food labels may also require other components, including:

Kilojoule menu labelling provisions

Fast food chains in Queensland who sell standard food items at either 20 outlets in Queensland or 50 outlets nationally are required to display the energy content of each standard food item for sale. This information must be displayed in kilojoules along with the statement ‘the average adult daily energy intake is 8,700kJ’.

Businesses are required to display the information on in-store menus, including menus, including menu boards, printed menus, drive-through menu boards and individual name/price tags. It must also be displayed on online ordering websites, mobile phone applications and printed menus distributed to households.

The requirements do not apply to digital and printed materials not intended to enable ordering, such as supermarket catalogues.

Examples of typical standard food outlets captured include:

  • quick service restaurants
  • pizza chains
  • coffee chains
  • bakery chains
  • ice-cream chains
  • doughnut chains
  • beverage chains
  • salad chains
  • supermarket chains
  • cafĂ© chains offering take away

The user guide is designed to help food businesses implement kilojoule menu labelling requirements.

For further on the kilojoule menu labelling requirements, speak with the public health unit closest to you.

Last updated: 25 August 2020