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Pest management

Compliance with the Act and regulation


Read about the types of activities that require a pest management technician licence (PDF 199 kB).

Online Licencing Renewals

Online pest management licence renewals to commence as the first stage of a new online licensing portal. Pest management technicians will be advised on how to renew online when they receive their renewal application letter in the mail.

Stage two of the licensing portal, planned for later this year, will contain the ability to apply for a new licence or an amendment online.




Last updated: 4 August 2021

Choosing a pest management technician

Pest management is highly regulated because technicians use pesticides which can be hazardous to humans and pets. Things you should know when seeking pest management services (PDF 74 kB) include:

  • what licences are required
  • what services you can expect
  • what questions to ask.