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Patient-class prescribers

From Monday 30 July 2018, Queensland doctors seeking approval to prescribe medicinal cannabis will do so via the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) online system.

The online system has been introduced to enable the electronic submissions of special access scheme (SAS) applications and notifications to the TGA. Use of this online system will streamline the application process and allow users to manage the SAS application and notifications they submit to the TGA. Submission via the TGA's online system will fulfil the requirements for both the TGA and Queensland Health (which were previously 2 separate processes).

Visit the Special Access Scheme Online System page to find out more.

The patient-class prescriber pathway enables any specialist medical practitioner to prescribe medicinal cannabis products to the prescribed classes of patient. These specialists do not have to apply for single patient approvals but are required to notify the Chief Executive.

Guidance and regulations

Forms and templates

Your legal obligations

The patient-class prescriber must:

  • notify Queensland Health on commencement of treatment
  • comply with the requirements of the PHMCA and regulation
  • obtain informed written consent for the treatment of the patient with the medicinal cannabis product (s) and retain a copy on the patient record
  • comply with any conditions imposed on a TGA approval relating to the medicinal cannabis product(s) being used
  • provide a treatment report to the Chief Executive if requested
  • obtain a written driving acknowledgement from the patient advising the patient that they are not able to drive if they are taking THC based medicinal cannabis products and retain a copy on the patient record
  • if dispensing
    • ensure the medicinal cannabis product is stored in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and meets the requirements of the security standard if they are dispensing the medication from their practice
    • prepare a medicinal cannabis management plan  (if the prescriber is supplying/dispensing from their practice) under the medicinal cannabis approval
    • notify Queensland Health when a medicinal cannabis management plan is made
Last updated: 5 September 2018

New approval pathway from 30 July

From 30 July, doctors seeking approval to prescribe medicinal cannabis will do so via the TGA's Online System.

Visit the Special Access Scheme Online System Guidance page to find out more

Contact information

If you have any questions, contact Queensland Health:

Healthcare Approvals and Regulation Unit (HARU)