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QALS - Queensland Artificial Limb Service

QALS is the administration service responsible for the provision of definitive prosthetic services to eligible residents of Queensland through the Queensland Government's 'Artificial Limb Scheme'.

The Artificial Limb Scheme funds a variety of standard definitive prosthetic services for people requiring a definitive prosthesis (artificial limb), for basic day to day activities. Annual funding limbs apply to all services provided through QALS.

Registration with QALS is a simple process and normally completing a single form is all that is required, depending on the circumstances. The person requiring the funding support for definitive prosthetic services must be listed on a current Medicare Card with no restrictions and permanent resident of Queensland.

Prosthetic services are funded by QALS on the understanding that consumers wear and use their prosthetic limbs at their own risk.

QALS facilitates the provision of basic prosthetic services via a network of government contracted Prosthetic Service Providers (PSP), also known as prosthetic limb manufacturers. PSP have experienced Prosthetists, who are allied health professionals, specifically qualified and trained in the assessing, designing, manufacturing, fit and alignment of prosthetic limbs.

QALS works in collaboration with amputee outpatient clinics, in both public and private health facilities. The amputee clinics provide consumers with their medical, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and prosthetic rehabilitation. Clinical and mobility assessments are provided to QALS by the clinic’s Rehabilitation Specialist and/or Physiotherapist.

Contact the QALS office if you require more information or to establish your eligibility and funding entitlements under the State Government’s 'Artificial Limb Scheme'.

QALS and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new means of providing supports for people aged 64 years and under with disability to live in the community and take part in everyday activities. For eligible participants, this will mean changes to the way they currently access supports from schemes such as QALS.

The NDIS gives participants choice and control over their disability supports, including the ability to choose who provides supports and how they are delivered and managed. Funding is provided for reasonable and necessary supports, including assistive technology (e.g. prosthetic limbs), that allow participants to engage in everyday activities and link with their community.

The NDIS is being progressively rolled out in Queensland between 2016 and 2019. People will transition to the NDIS at different times depending on which local government area they live in. Queenslanders who are 64 years of age or younger and are advised they do not meet the eligibility criteria under the NDIS will continue to access QALS services. Queenslanders aged 65 years or older will continue to revieve QALS services.

For More Information on the NDIS in Queensland:

  • To browse the national NDIS website visit here
  • To view a map of NDIS roll out areas, dates and eligibility requirements in Queensland visit the NDIS website here
  • To check when NDIS will rollout in your location by postcode visit here
  • For information on NDIS Participant Plans and your NDIS pathway visit here
  • Fact Sheets are available from the NDIS here

Contact QALS

Manager: Debra Berg
Acting Senior Client Service Officer: Luciann Ferrada
Client Service Officer: Matthew Duffield

We are located at: The MASS Building, 41 Southgate Avenue, Cannon Hill, Qld 4170
PO Box 281 Cannon Hill, Qld 4170

Contact details: Email:

Tel: (07) 3136 3660

Fax: (07) 3136 3650

Last updated: 8 March 2019