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QALS - Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The QALS Reference Manual and below listed Procedures provide consumers and prosthetic service providers with the QALS eligibility criteria, funding limits, conditions of service provision and other useful information.

QALS Reference Manual 2019-2022 - Review in progress, please contact QALS for information.

QALS Procedures (listed below) – Review in progress, please contact QALS for more information.

  • Amputee Clinic Recognition
  • Appeals
  • Acquittal of Prosthesis
  • Child Amputee Limb Replacement
  • Client Responsibilities
  • Client Service Evaluation
  • Complaints
  • Completion of Clinical Prosthetic Clearance (CPC) Form
  • Completion of PSP Assessment of Prosthetic Needs Form
  • Completion Time
  • Components
  • Eligibility
  • Home Visits by Prosthetic Service Providers
  • Hospital Interim Prosthetic Services
  • Identification of Prosthesis
  • Interim to Definitive Prosthesis
  • Osseointegration
  • Processing Non Standard Prosthetic Requests
  • Prosthesis Disposal Procedure
  • Prosthetic Service Providers (PSP) Referral to Clinic
  • Recognition of Medical Officer
  • Replacement of a Prosthesis
  • Second Issue / Emergency Prosthesis
  • Weight and Prosthetic Components Limitations

If you have any particular queries on specific items or procedures, whether listed here or not, please email QALS or contact us via telephone. Our contact details are:

Ph: 07 3136 3660
Fax: 07 3136 3650

Last updated: 12 March 2021