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QCMHL Resource

Understanding Schizophrenia

The handbook has been developed in consultation with consumers, service providers and carers through a partnership with the Mental Health Clinical Collaborative and the Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

The intention in compiling this resource was to provide an educational and personalised document for consumers and clinicians in adult inpatient mental health settings. It takes a recovery approach and contains a range of resource materials, good practice approaches, and worksheets that can be adapted to meet the individual needs of consumers.

This handbook has been designed for consumers to use independently or in collaboration with a health care professional to promote a shared understanding of the consumer's experience. The modular approach of the booklet is designed to allow the individual to move through the information at a pace suited to their own needs as well as provide a resource that extends beyond the inpatient facility.

Please click on the links to download a copy of this resource :

Module One - Basic Informationpdf

Module Two - Recovery ( Part B To Part D ) pdf

Module Three – Recovery ( Part E To Worksheet ) pdf


Growing a Recovery Orientated Mental Health Workforce in Queensland (Recovery DVD)

The Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning have been involved in the development of this 22 minute video Real Lives, Real People, Real Journeys. It showcases consumers,carers and mental health staff sharing their personal stories to promote an understanding of recovery.

To view an online version of this resource please click here

Last updated: 8 December 2015