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 Cardiac Investigation UnitGuidelineQH-GDL-374-5:2009
 Cadaveric Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Guideline QH-GDL-952:2014
 Children's Emergency, Inpatient and Ambulatory Health ServicesGuidelineQH-GDL-374-6:2010
  Child Protection   
 Statement of Intent: The prioritisation of health services for children and young people in the child protection system Guideline QH-GDL-426
  Care and Treatment Order for a Child Guideline QH-GDL-942:2015
  Conducting Child Sexual Assault Examinations Guideline QH-GDL-943:2015
  Consent in Child Protection and Management of Complex Care Cases and End of Life Decision Making Guideline QH-GDL-944:2015
  Health Professionals Child Protection Capability Requirements Guideline QH-GDL-945:2015

Our Child - When a child in care is reported missing - this guideline is hosted on the Queensland Health intranet (QHEPS) and is accessible at the below link by Queensland Health staff only.

  Reporting a Reasonable/Reportable Suspicion of Child Abuse and Neglect Guideline QH-GDL-948:2015
   Responding to an unborn child high risk alert - this guideline is hosted on the Queensland Health intranet (QHEPS) and is accessible at the below link by Queensland Health staff only.   Guideline QH-GDL-949:2015
  Safety and Security of Children and Young People in Queensland Health Facilities Guideline QH-GDL-431:2016
 Child Protection Liaison Officers to access and use information from the Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs Information System Guideline QH-GDL-315:2014
 Clinical Governance Guideline - Physician Assistant (PA)GuidelineQH-GDL-397:2016
 Clinical Governance Guideline - Physician Assistant (PA) Practice Plan - Attachment 1Attachment 1QH-GDL-397-att1
  Clinical Measurement Guidelines   
   Adult and Paediatric Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring - Cardiac Sciences Guideline QH-GDL-403:2013
   Adult and Paediatric Resting Electrocardiography (ECG) Guideline QH-GDL-387:2012
   Non-Routine Electroencephalography - Clinical Neurophysiology Guideline QH-GDL-404:2013
   Polysomnographe set up adult Guideline QH-GDL-394:2013
   Polysomnographe set up paediatric Guideline QH-GDL-405:2013
   Routine Electroencephalography (EEG) Guideline QH-GDL-388:2012
   Routine Visual Evoked Potentials, Clinical Neurophysiology Guideline QH-GDL-406:2013
   Spirometry (Adult) Guideline QH-GDL-386:2012
   Spirometry (Paediatric) Guideline QH-GDL-393:2013
   Static Lung Volume Guideline QH-GDL-391:2013
 Compression Garments for Adults with Malignancy Related Lymphoedema: Eligibility, Supply and Costing Guideline QH-GDL-373:2014
 Criteria Led Discharge Guideline QH-GDL-416:2014
Last updated: 20 March 2020

All Department of Health policies, standards and their related guidelines have now undergone a process of rationalisation and reduction and migrated to Department of Health policies.