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Queensland Health Policy Site - alphabetical listing


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Document Title Document Type Document Unique Identifier
Management of People Living with HIV who Place Others at Risk of HIV Guideline QH-GDL-367:2014
  Managing Patients on a Factor Xa Inhibitor - Apixaban (Eliquis) or Rivaroxaban (Xarelto) Guideline QH-GDL-950:2014
Medical Assessment and Planning Units Guideline QH-GDL-938:2013
Medical Grade Footwear Guideline QH-GDL-959:2015
  Medical Imaging Contrast Media (Intra-Vascular) Guideline QH-GDL-016:2013
Medical Imaging Patient Identification and Procedure Matching Guideline QH-GDL-957:2015
Medicines/Pharmaceuticals of Animal Origin Guideline QH-GDL-954:2013
Mental Health
  Mental Health: Meeting the needs of children for whom a person with a mental illness has care responsibilities
  Working with parents with mental illness - overview of guidelines Fact sheet QH-FS-310-l-1:2010
  Working with parents with mental illness - risk and protective factors Fact sheet QH-FS-310-l-2:2010
  Working with parents with mental illness - clinical interview prompt sheet Fact sheet QH-FS-310-l-3:2010
  Working with parents with mental illness -guidelines for mental health clinicians Guideline QH-GDL-310:2010
  Mental Health: National Standards for Mental Health Services 2010
  Statewide standardised suite of clinical documentation guideline Guideline QH-GDL-365-1:2012
  Operation of high dependency units (HDUs) in mental health services Guideline QH-GDL-365-2:2012
  Use of the cultural information gathering tool Guideline QH-GDL-365-3:2012
Transition of care for young people receiving mental health services Guideline QH-GDL-365-5
   Mental Health: Safety
Admission to child and youth mental health acute inpatient units Guideline QH-GDL-435:2016
  Managing Ligature Risks in Public Mental Health Services Guideline QH-GDL-365-2-1:2012
Psychotropic Medication for People with Schizophrenia, Use of  Guideline QH-GDL-430:2016
Recognising and managing potential environmental hazards in Queensland public mental health and alcohol and other drug inpatient units 2016 Guideline QH-GDL-436:2016
Sexual health and safety guidelines for mental health, alcohol and other drug services Guidelines QH-GDL-434:2016
   Mental Health: Diversity Responsiveness
  Mental health service responsiveness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Guideline QH-GDL-365-4-1:2012
  Multicultural Health Policy Implementation Guideline Guideline QH-GDL-080:2012
     Attachment A - Queensland Health guide to implementing the Queensland Government's 2011 Multicultural Policy and Language Services Policy in a health context   QH-GDL-080-att-A
     Attachment B - Literature Review - best practice multicultural policy implementation    QH-GDL-080-att-B

Last Updated: 01 July 2015
Last Reviewed: 01 July 2015

All Department of Health policies, standards and their related guidelines have now undergone a process of rationalisation and reduction and migrated to the new Department of Health Policy Site.