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Payroll Assistance

Automated repayments


Preventing and managing overpayments

Over the past year, significant progress has been made to reduce the number of salary overpayments to staff that occur each fortnight.

Introducing automated repayments

In July 2012, the department announced it would introduce automated repayments to manage new overpayments. This means a different process for managing new overpayments, as opposed to historic ones. 

What automated repayments means

Once fully implemented, if staff receive an overpayment, it will be repaid automatically through their pay. This will be our standard process going forward.

What you need to know about automated repayments

The 10 most important things staff need to know about automated repayments are: 

  1. The process is clear, transparent and timely.
  2. The process is supported by the C48 Overpayments Policy and the Industrial Relations Act 1999.
  3. The automated repayments process means staff don’t have to worry about overpayments building up. It will also help prevent growth in the outstanding overpayments balance.
  4. Automated repayments will apply to new overpayments only (not existing historic overpayments).
  5. If a staff member receives a new overpayment, a notification message will appear on the bottom of their payslip.
  6. If they have any questions about the overpayment they need to call the Statewide Hotline on 1800 239 074 (Monday to Friday, 8 am–6 pm) before your next pay.
  7. Automated repayments will commence 28 days after the notification message appeared on the staff member's payslip.
  8. Repayments will be calculated at 15 per cent of your gross base wages, including fixed allowances, in the fortnight the repayments commence.
  9. Most overpayments will be repaid within one or two pays.
  10. Automated repayments will be introduced in four stages, starting in July 2013, in the Children's Health Queensland, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services, as well as for some Health Services Support Agency staff (all other areas will follow between August and November 2013)

Support and information for staff

If are a staff member and have any concerns or questions about the automated repayments process, please:

  1. Contact the Statewide Hotline on 1800 239 074 (8 am–6 pm, Monday to Friday).
  2. Read the frequently asked questions.

Last updated: 2 May 2013