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Patient Information Orders - QH Victim Support Service

There are two types of patient information orders:

  • Classified Patient Information Orders (CPIO) applies when a person in custody is transferred to a mental health service for treatment and becomes a Classified Patient.
  • Forensic Information Orders (FIO) applies when the Mental Health Court finds the person of unsound mind for their offence and places them on a Forensic Order.

These orders enable registered victims and other eligible people to receive information relevant to their safety and wellbeing.  This information includes any changes to the patient’s Mental Health Act status or the patient’s level of community treatment.
Our factsheets explain information orders and the Mental Health Act 2000 in more detail. They are also available in languages other than English.

Applications for Forensic Information Orders are facilitated through the QHVSS.  We can explain the eligibility criteria for information orders and how they work.  For more details or to apply for an information order, speak to one of our team.

Safeguards to protect patient information

If you have an Information Order you can discuss information you receive with people in your personal support network.  However you must sign an agreement not to disclose information for public dissemination.  Broad disclosure of information (for example through the media, social media or internet) constitutes grounds for the order to be revoked.  If you have a nominee who receives the information on your behalf, they must also sign the agreement. 

The Office of the Chief Psychiatrist manages the Victim Information Register, ensuring that only approved information is provided to a registered victim.   Identifying patient information that cannot be disclosed to victims includes where the patient is residing or details about their treatment.

How can victims put their views forward?

A victim can make a statement to provide information to the Mental Health Court that is relevant to the Court’s decision.  This includes providing your views about the impact of the offence or the level of risk that the person poses to you or your family.

A victim is also able to submit material to the Mental Health Review Tribunal for consideration at the patients forensic order review. If you have a Forensic Information Order you will automatically receive information about an upcoming review by the Mental Health Review Tribunal, so that you can provide a submission to the Tribunal if you choose.

Contact QHVSS if you would like any assistance with making statements to the Mental Health Court or submissions to the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Last updated: 24 March 2016

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