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North Queensland Spinal Service

About us

The North Queensland Spinal Service was established to support people affected by spinal cord injury in North Queensland through to Thursday Island, west to Mt. Isa and south to Sarina.  We focus on health education, health maintenance and early intervention.

NQSS is a free service providing assistance to:

  • People with spinal cord injury
  • Carers
  • Family members &
  • Health care professionals/providers who provide care for people with spinal cord injury

What we do

NQSS provides consultation, assessment, intervention and education services for:

  • People affected by spinal cord injury
  • Carers
  • Family members
  • Local service providers and health professionals

We assist in the following areas:

  • Activities of daily living/ lifestyle adjustments/ independent living skills
  • Bladder /bowel management
  • Counselling & support
  • Discharge planning & transition to home
  • Education/ Information/ resources
  • Equipment
  • Home modifications
  • Joint & muscle problems
  • Mobility training/ strengthening
  • Seating/posture
  • Skin care
  • Spasm & pain management

How we provide our service

Inpatient admissions
Consultation and support provided during hospital admissions within Townsville Hospital and all Queensland Health Hospitals within NQSS service boundaries 

Outpatient Medical clinics
At the Townsville Hospital, Mackay Base Hospital and Mt Isa Hospital

Outpatient Allied Health & Nursing clinicsAt the Townsville Hospital

Home visits
Within a radius of 200km of The Townsville Hospital

Regional centre visitsA flyer is sent out a month prior to visit and appointments/referrals taken.   Self referrals welcomed.

Consultations are also provided via telephone, video links and telehealth clinics

NOTE: GP referrals are required for medical consults
NOT required for Nursing, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapy and Social Work referrals

Service information

Team members

  • Doctor Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Social Worker

Hours of service

Monday to Friday
8.00am to 4.30 pm

How to contact us

Telephone: 1300 669 967

Facsimile:  07 4433 4170


Mail address: IMB 68 The Townsville Hospital
PO Box 670 Townsville
QLD 4180

Last updated: 25 August 2017