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The following links provide certification information for radiation safety officers and accredited persons:

What is a Radiation Safety Officer?

The role of the Radiation Safety Officer is to advise possession licensees on the radiation safety status of their practices and make recommendations on how they can be approved. A radiation safety officer must have sufficient knowledge, competency and experience about radiation safety and the practice the possession licensee is conducting to enable the radiation safety officer to competently perform this role.

The specific functions of the Radiation Safety Officer must be stated in the possession licensee’s approved radiation safety and protection plan.

What is an accredited person?

The accredited person is a person who determines whether or not a radiation source or premises meets the applicable radiation safety standard.

The accredited person must follow the specified process, time frames and documentation requirements for the certification of a radiation source or premises. These are set out in the Radiation Safety Act 1999 and, for convenience, on the inside front cover of the assessment report booklets accredited persons must purchase to obtain assessment report forms and compliance certificate forms.

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Last updated: 8 October 2013