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Radiation Health - Links

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Internal Resource

The following site provides international best practice radiation safety advice for various applications of radiation sources.

Imaging of Children

The following resources for parents, radiographers and medical practitioners are available to support the reduction in radiation exposure to children and young people from CT scans.  It is important that relevant practitioners should apply this information across all radiation imaging conducted on children.

  • Inside Radiology - website containing information about radiology tests and procedures for consumers and professionals
  • RANZCR - online education modules for medical undergraduates and medical practitioners from all disciplines about how to make decisions regarding imaging referral
  • ARPANSA - online education module Radiation Protection of Patients for medical referrers on radiation safety in medical imaging, including both risks and benefits
  • Diagnostic imaging pathways - an online decision support and education tool for diagnostic imaging
  • Healthdirect Australia - on-line gateway to resources to enable parents/carers/referrers/medical imaging providers/dental practitioners and dental specialists to access evidence-based and validated information about CT scans and to raise awareness of the benefits and risks
  • Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care - which also references various posters and pamphets that are available for display

Radiation Safety Links

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Last updated: 18 May 2016