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Emergency Department, Redcliffe Hospital

Redcliffe Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) is open 24 hours a day, including public holidays. The role of an emergency department is to care for emergencies. An emergency is when an illness or injury is serious and requires urgent attention.  Emergencies to the hospital can arrive by a transfer from another facility, by walk-in and by an emergency ambulance arrival.

The Emergency Department is an excellent bright and clean facility, built in 2008. The department sees over 55,000 presentations each year including 12,500 children a year and it is continually growing. The department sees a broad mix of conditions such as trauma, poisonings and cardiac conditions to name a few. The hospital is a teaching facility with all levels of staff including students to support and educate the next generation of health care professionals. The ED has developed and implemented numerous innovative models of care to improve and develop the service over the years and will continue to do so into the future.

To reduce detrimental delays in patient care, patients are assessed upon arrival to the emergency department to determine the urgency of their condition.  This process is called Triage, and patients are prioritised based on the severity of their condition by the assessment and experience of the Triage team, not on the time of your arrival. Those people with the most serious and urgent conditions will always take priority.  The aim is to reduce detrimental delays in patient care to those that need it most.  If your condition deteriorates whilst waiting, please inform the Triage Nurse or the Receptionist.

Work For Us

Redcliffe is a family friendly suburb, situated nestling on the Moreton Bay Shore, a short journey north of the Brisbane CBD. It hosts beautiful east facing ocean views of North Stradbroke and Moreton Bay Island in the distance. Redcliffe offers a healthy outdoor living lifestyle to include water sports on the bay, Outdoor Swimming Pools and children’s activity areas, beach activities, many seaside café’s, picnic areas and outdoor eating opportunities, championship level golf courses and dolphin and whale watching. Redcliffe also has the Redcliffe City High Performance Centre where some of Australian Olympic Gold Medal swimmers trained. There is a great feeling of friendly community spirit in Redcliffe and this can be welcomed at festivals throughout the year. There is plenty of affordable housing and good schools in the area so the “Australian Dream” can be achieved here in Redcliffe.

The Emergency Department’s staff are a friendly and multicultural group. There is a sporting culture throughout the department, with a department soccer team, as well as participation in tennis, golf, touch football or squash.  There are many career opportunities available within the Redcliffe Hospital ED and it is a centre for research and development with successful innovative models of care. The department has received international recognition for its innovative models of care as a recipient of the Australasian Emergency Department of the Year award.

Last updated: 7 October 2010