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Headline preventive health indicators and trends

The Queensland survey analytic system (QSAS) visualisations below present the most recent state and regional headline results and trends from the preventive health telephone survey.

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View the results for additional indicators and sociodemographic subgroups

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Current Queensland headline indicator results

Queensland key preventive health indicators results are based on annual data and are presented below.

Results are available for adults and children by persons, males and females. For Queensland, results of measured BMI from the 2014–15 National Health Survey are also included.

View the data visualisations for the preventive health indicators for adults and children

Queensland trends

Trends in selected key preventive health indicators are presented for Queensland. Results by sociodemographic subgroups are included when trends are significantly increasing or decreasing.

View the data visualisations for trends in selected preventive health indicators

Current regional headline indicator results

Two years of data are combined to produce regional key preventive health indicators results.

For adults, results are available for Hospital and Health Service (HHS), Primary Health Networks (PHN), and local government areas (LGA). For children, results are available for HHSs and PHNs. Measured BMI from the 2014–15 National Health Survey are not available for regions.

View the data visualisations for preventive health indicators by region

Regional trends

Regional trends in preventive health risk and protective factors are presented below. Trends for adults aged 18 years and over are based on the 2009 to 2018 preventive health surveys and are available for HHSs and PHNs.

View the data visualisations for regional trends in preventive health risks

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Last updated: 20 November 2018