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Annual report case study

Nurse visits aged care resident

Andrea is a 75-year-old lady who is recently widowed.

She has early dementia, and a complex medical history having suffered a stroke, a heart attack and breast cancer in recent years.

She has pain in her right knee when she walks and has difficulty making appointments now that her husband has passed away and is no longer around to drive her. She is on many medications to control her blood pressure and her pain, to thin her blood and to prevent recurrence of her cancer. She often forgets to take them.

Andrea now has access to a Nurse Navigator, an advanced practice nurse who is improving the lives of Queenslanders by delivering a world class, evidenced based solution to the increasingly complex issues faced by people with chronic care needs.

The Nurse Navigator Program harnesses the expertise of our most senior nurses to lead programs to improve the coordination and integration of patient care between our hospitals and the primary care  and aged care sectors.

The Nurse Navigator has the system knowledge, access, clinical skills and time to understand and address the health needs of Queensland’s most complex chronic disease patients.

The Navigator works actively to partner with patients and is integral to reducing fragmentation, educating and empowering consumers, mitigating barriers and coordinating care which results in immediate improvement in patient outcomes and long-term system efficiencies.

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Last updated: 30 September 2019