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QoVax SET–Participant information

The Queensland COVID-19 vaccine Safety and Efficacy Trial (QoVax SET) is a Queensland Health program to monitor vaccine safety and efficacy in Queensland. The program will also establish a biobank (store of samples) that can be accessed by researchers.

People who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Queensland may be invited to participate in this study. Participation is voluntary and consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Participant requirementsQoVAX SET participant pathway. Before vaccine: step 1 book vaccine appointment at a participating location, step 2 register for research trial online or tell a staff member at the vaccination location that you wish to take part. At vaccine dose 1: attend your vaccination appointment, identify yourself as a research participant to staff, give blood and saliva samples, get vaccine dose 1. Vaccine dose 2: At vaccine dose 1: attend your vaccination appointment, identify yourself as a research participant to staff, give blood and saliva samples, get vaccine dose 2. One month later: give final blood and saliva samples and complete another survey.

Participation in this study involves:

  • Surveys
  • Blood and saliva samples
  • Consent to participate in the trial and for researchers to link other health data such as vaccine dose information.

Participants will be asked to complete surveys and donate blood and saliva samples at several intervals over 6 months, starting at the time of their first COVID-19 vaccine dose. Researchers will also access other health information from participants health records such as vaccine dose information.

Participants must opt-in and complete a consent form and survey before their first COVID-19 vaccine dose.

How to participate

  1. Register to have your vaccine administered at a participating location:
    • Boondall Vaccination Location, 1 Melaleuca Drive, Boondall
    • Kippa-Ring Vaccination Location (former Village Wholesale Centre), 433 Elizabeth Ave, Kippa-Ring
  2. Enrol by completing the consent form and pre-vaccine survey before you come for your appointment. Alternatively, you can express your interest on the day at the vaccination location. On the day of your vaccination you will need to make contact with the research coordinator on site BEFORE you receive your vaccination.
  3. Complete the sample collection at each of your vaccine dose appointments.
  4. Complete the follow-up sample collection four weeks after your second vaccination dose.

Follow-up sample collection

Four weeks after your second vaccination dose, it is really important for you to provide your final blood and saliva samples. This is the critical time point for us to be able to accurately determine your immune response to the COVID vaccination.

You can go to either a Pathology Queensland Collection Centre or any nominated QML Pathology collection centre to have these samples collected.

Don’t forget to take your pathology request forms for your final sample collection, which should have been given to you at your second dose, or you can download the pathology collection form (PDF 685 kB) again. You will need to write your QoVAX SET Participant Identification Number in the surname field on the Pathology Queensland request forms. By ensuring this information is present, this means we can link all your samples collected together.

If you have any queries regarding this process, please email or call us on (07) 3647 1053 or 0457 197 699.

Why participate?

This research will provide an understanding of how effective the COVID-19 vaccines are in the Queensland population and how the immune system responds over time.

The program will provide data and insights that will:

  • support planning for COVID-19 vaccination program adjustments
  • inform decisions around border controls and other public health measures in place to protect Queenslanders
  • help health professionals better understand the benefits of the vaccine for different people in the community whose immune system may be affected by other factors such as health conditions or medication use.

All biological samples collected through this research program will be saved in a biobank, a repository that stores biological samples such as blood for use in research. This biobank will provide researchers with the ability to understand other aspects of the pandemic and support COVID-19 related research in the future. The blood and saliva samples will be processed and stored, with a linked digital data warehouse and interface that will allow researchers to access samples for other research.

Access to the biobank will be strictly controlled and your medical records and samples will be de-identified to protect your privacy.

More information

You can email us at

Last updated: 11 October 2021