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Medical Employment Advisor

The Principal Advisor (Medical Employment) assists the 4 rural and remote Hospital and Health Services (HHS) by

  • Providing authoritative employee relations advice, including delivering critical and sensitive advice on medical employment related issues of significant and/or complex nature
  • Providing expert advice and support to Health Service Chief Executives, Executive Directors Medical Service, Executive Directors People and Culture, or their representative on medical employment and remuneration arrangements
  • Assisting Medical Officers and Executive Directors Medical Services or representative in the development and articulation of work arrangements, salary packages and/or key performance indicators
  • Providing on an ongoing basis professional and operational advice to Medical Administration, People and Culture and Finance Units to assist with the budgeting, remuneration and strategic recruitment and selection of Medical Officers
  • Plan, manage and monitor complex projects and develop innovative and effective options and solutions to achieve goals and meet deadlines, including having a balanced approach to managing conflicting demands
  • Prepare high quality written reports and undertake presentations on audit outcomes to management and stakeholders
  • Represent and advocate for Torres and Cape, Central West, South West and North West Hospital and Health Services at key stakeholder meetings including those involving Queensland Health, Government, Unions and other employee organisations
  • Prepare and provide reports, briefings and responses to requests for information as required for by Hospital and Health Service Executives, Department of Health and the Government

Medical Officer opportunities in rural and remote Queensland

Torres and Cape HHS North West HHS South West HHS Central West HHS
View Medical Opportunities Booklet  (PDF 4017 kB)View Medical Opportunities Booklet  (PDF 5857 kB)View Medical Opportunities Booklet  (PDF 1437 kB)View Medical Opportunities Booklet (PDF 2918 kB)
Last updated: 29 November 2019