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Contact the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway


We're here to answer your questions. Please contact us to discuss your future as a Rural Generalist or your application to the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway.

Toowoomba Office
p. 1800 680 291
f. 07 4699 8133

Roma Office
p. 1800 680 291
f. 07 4624 1818

Stanthorpe Office
p. 07 4683 3424

About The Generalist Pathway

The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway currently supports more than 320 medical officers across Queensland. A total of 84 Fellows have completed their training with the program since its inception in 2007 (this includes 12 pre-vanguard trainees).

Rural Generalist Medicine was founded in Queensland as a generalist medical discipline in August 2005 by a group of key stakeholders who convened in Roma to develop the concept of a supported training pathway to a career in rural medicine. The Roma Agreement can be found below.

Through the Medical Officers' (Queensland Health) Certified Agreement (No.1) 2005, Rural Generalist Medicine was recognised by Queensland as a generalist discipline in May 2008.

The following data set is current as at May 2016.

2016 Rural Generalist Trainee data summary      Intern commencement by year

QRGP Trainees/Fellows by gender      QRGP Trainees/Fellows by age   QRGP Trainees/Fellows by university      QRGP Trainees/Fellows by training endpoint      QRGP Trainees/Fellows by AST        Vocational trainees/Fellows working rurally  

Governance structure

Several committees provide strategic direction and support to the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway program including:

  • Queensland Rural Generalist Program Leadership Group
  • Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway Reference Group
  • Queensland Rural Generalist Training Hospitals Forum
  • Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway | Regional Training Organisation Forum
  • Advanced Skills Training Consultative Committees
  • Directors of Rural Generalist Training Forum

These committees provide opportunities for key stakeholders and committee members to consult and report on emerging business and advise on policy, training requirements, educational and professional standards relevant to the QRGP.

Publications and documents of interest

Choosing a career path is complex and we encourage you to read and research about Rural Generalism and the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway. Below are some publications and reports that may be of interest to anyone considering a career as a Rural Generalist.

Last updated: 17 February 2017