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The Generalist Community

Rural Generalist Clinical Forum

To enhance the field of practice and provide strategic direction for the discipline of Rural Generalism in Queensland, the inaugural Rural Generalist Clinical Forum was held in Roma in September 2015. The forum included participants from various training levels, including practising Rural Generalists, senior (PGY4+) Rural Generalist Trainees, training supervisors for Rural Generalists and key contributors to Rural Generalist Medicine training. The program included:

  • Procedural grant accredited professional development opportunities
  • Recognition and development of the expertise in rural generalist medicine in Queensland
  • Clinical sessions addressing the challenges of working and training in rural Queensland
  • A review of the accomplishments to date and challenges ahead on the tenth anniversary of the Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway 'Roma Agreement'
  • An opportunity to network with colleagues and key stakeholders.

For more information, you can read the Rural Generalist Clinical Forum Summary Report here. The QRGP team will continue to work with stakeholders to ensure the incorporation of Forum themes into future strategic planning and provide an opportunity for comment when documents have been developed.

We anticipate that the next Forum will be held in 2018.

Please contact us for further information about the inaugural and future Rural Generalist Clinical Forums.

Special training opportunities

Experience/qualification Comments More information
ENT special skills term

The Logan Hospital has secured funding to increase and improve Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) services and there is an opportunity for Rural Generalists, or General Practitioners to undertake a 3-12 month term in the ENT clinic in order to develop skills in the 'office-based' diagnosis and emergency treatment of ENT presentations.

This will include management of epistaxis, nasal polyps, broken noses, audiology assessment and interpretation, diagnosis and treatment of malignancies of the head and neck +/- peri neural spread, assessment of facial palsies and snoring/apnoeas; management of salivary stones and diagnosis of ear pathology including choesteotoma/exostosis.

Skills: flexible nasendoscope, interpretation of barium swallows, surgical airways/emerengency cricothyroidotomies, ear suction, myringotomies, abscess/quincy drainage, lymph node biopsy, removal of FB from nose/ear/oropharynx.

There would also be opportunity to observe and take part in tertiary level ENT services such as surgery of head and neck cancers.

Register your interest via

Enquiries can be made to Dr Bernie Whitfield, Director ENT Logan Hospital.

Emergency Medicine Certificate Coordinated by the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine (ACEM).
A six month competency based training program conducted in the workplace. Should be considered by trainees who have a minimum of 20 weeks ED time.
Certificate of Women's Health

Coordinated by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG).

Centred primarily on office-based obstetrics and gynaecology and generally involves three months of either practice or hospital-based training.
Diploma in Child Health

Coordinated by by the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network and The University of Sydney and offered throughout Australia

A one year part time program with challenging course work comprising annually updated Lecture Units (Webcasts = learning outcomes, lecture notes, recorded lecture and self-assessment questions) and assessment. Two course streams are available, depending on location, with examinations in August or December.
Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Coordinated by James Cook University. A 1.5 year program enabling specialisation in public health issues relevant to tropical Australia and its near neighbours.

Vocational training subsidies and grants

There are several subsidies and incentive programs available for those undertaking Rural Generalist training. Please explore your options below:


The Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway team provides regular updates to Rural Generalist trainees and stakeholders. Please click on the links below to view past E-Updates

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