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Central West Hospital and Health Service

Central West Health


Telehealth services have been expanded across the Central West Hospital and Health Service (HHS), from 22 Telehealth units to 30, to provide residents with access to specialist services in larger hospitals or metropolitan areas without having to leave their local community.


The Bush babies program offers women a midwife throughout their pregnancy to six weeks after birth—100 per cent of expecting women were given the same midwife and 93 per cent of these have been birthed by their known midwife.


The Health of the West plan has been developed through a partnership with the Central and North West Queensland Medicare Local, Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board (RAPAD), the Central West Local Ambulance Service Network and the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section). The plan set agreed strategic directions and high-level health objectives to be pursued over the next 10 years.


In early 2014, the Central West HHS welcomed 11 new doctors—six at Longreach Hospital, four at Barcaldine and one at Winton. The new doctors are a mix of junior doctors, general practitioner registrars and rural generalists—they will assist Central West to roll out an extensive chronic disease management program across the region that previously would have been difficult to deliver.


A new, integrated primary healthcare precinct, known as the Iningai Health Arcade, opened in Longreach in early 2014. It comprises a bulk-billing practice, as well as consulting rooms for visiting specialists and the Central West's community and primary healthcare team. The new precinct is designed to keep people well in the community and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital.


Central West HHS has appointed a redesign advanced practitioner to a new leadership role that emphasises the importance of quality, safety and clinical innovation. They will lead a small team to redesign patient care, promote communication and inter-disciplinary collaboration, and explore technology as an aid to clinicians.


Glasson House
PO Box 510
Eagle Street


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+61 7 4652 8099

Office Hours

0800 - 1700


Hospitals and Primary Health Care Centres within Hospitals and Health Service


Primary Health Centres

Hospital services

Accident & Emergency; In-Patient Services; Multipurpose Health Services (3 Facilities); General Clinic Services; Maternity Services (Limited service); Womens Health Services; Dental Public Health; HACC Aboriginal

Specialist Clinic Services

Paediatrician; Orthopaedics; Dermatology; Cardiology; Respiratory; Physician; Flying Obstetrics & Gynaecology; Flying Surgeon Ophthalmologist; Psychiatrist; ENT Specialist; Dentist/Orthodontist; Psychologist

Community Health Services

Child Health Team; Mental Health Team; ACAT; Nurse School Based Youth Health Nurse

Allied Health Services

Social Work; Dietetics; Occupational Therapy; Oral Health; Physiotherapy; Podiatry; Radiology; Sonography; Speech Pathology

Chief Executive

Ms Jane Hancock



Last updated: 18 December 2015