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April No Falls 2013

April No Falls 2013 (1–30 April 2013)

April No Falls, a national and international campaign, aims to educate and raise awareness of falls prevention and help those at risk of falling to stay on their feet.

This campaign incorporates key messages from:

  • Queensland Stay On Your Feet®—a collaborative, statewide falls prevention program aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of fall-related injuries among older people.
  • Ageing with Vitality: Your Everyday Guide to Healthy Active Living—based on healthy, active ageing principles.

April No Falls supports the:

  • The department’s Strategic Outcome 1—Queenslanders live longer, healthier and more independent lives.
  • National Safety and Quality Health Services Standards—Standard 10: Preventing falls and har m from falls.

Calls to action

To prevent patient falls, staff are encouraged to:

  • complete a falls risk assessment
  • educate patients on how to prevent falls
  • develop a falls prevention plan with your patients
  • complete the Falls Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls online education at iLearn@QHealth.

Patients are encouraged to:

  • complete either the Queensland Stay On Your Feet® Checklist or How to Stay On Your Feet® Checklist
  • visit for more information and resource.

Campaign Resources

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