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End of Life Care | Handover bag

Handover bag: useful tips to get your project off the ground

  • Your End of Life Care Committee or Patient Safety and Quality Committee may be able to support you to implement the handover bags and resources in your health service or care facility.
  • Talk to your local fundraising group about whether they could support this initiative locally.
  • A small working group of 4-6 people can help to get the project off the ground. You should only need about 3-4 short meetings to get this project underway.
  • Talk to your corporate teams about the local printers in your area who may be able to source bags and provide quotes for the bags, cards and booklets.
  • Your health information teams may provide information about how many people die in your district every year, which will give you a guide as to how many bags you may need.
  • Bags: a recycled, non-dyed paper bag was chosen to have a minimal impact on the environment
    • The bags are approximately 34.5cm x 45cm x 12cm
    • As a guide, we were able to have 1000 Handover Bags and 500 bereavement cards printed for under $3000 AUD.
  • Door signs: The tree symbol can be printed on plain paper and laminated for use as a door sign. It doesn’t require professional printing. 10cm x10cm is a good size, although the image can be printed larger or smaller if preferred. Having them printed and laminated means they can be wiped clean, or disposed of if they become soiled, or if infection control requires this.

Handover bag resources and design files

The following design products have been developed by Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Queensland, Australia. The recipient of these products is responsible for acknowledging Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service in every instance they are used, including media.

Terms of use

The only version of the End of Life Care Tree that can be used is that which is provided below. They may not be stretched, skewed, rotated, distorted, condensed, oriented or altered in any other way.

The colour of the Tree graphic must remain as the purple provided. Consultation has been done with our consumers who have found this to be a very calming colour, which is important during a stage of immense grief. The colour codes for this colour purple are as follows:

  • Hex: #a38ac0
  • RGB: 163, 138, 192
  • CMYK: 37, 48, 0, 0
  • PMS: 2655U

Please use the following acknowledgement with all collateral utilising this design:

This material is courtesy of, and is based upon the work of, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, Queensland, Australia.

Design files

To download these files, right click the link and select "save target as..." or "save link as..." depending on what web browser you are using.

End of Life Care

End of Life Care - Tree of Life graphic

Handover bag

Door sign

When someone dies booklet

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service has produced a booklet which provides crucial yet practical information that could be helpful to someone who has lost a loved one. This book cannot be printed and used in other areas outside of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, yet it should help provide you an outline of how you could create this resource for your hospital or health service.

Last updated: 16 November 2017
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