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Referral centre

Fax: 07 5202 0555 (e-referral preferred)
GP Priority line: 07 5202 6633
(clinicians only) 
Patient line: 07 5202 0000

Referral guidelines

Referring health providers will find referral criteria and contact information on Sunshine Coast and Gympie HealthPathways.

SCHHS has general and specific referral requirements aligned with the statewide Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) for specialist outpatient services and allied health outpatient services.

Referrals can be sent via:

  1. Smart Referrals (preferred)
  2. Secure Web Transfer
    1. Medical Objects: NQ45600007J or QHealth, Sunshine Coast Ambulatory Care Centre
    2. Health link: qldnghop
  3. Fax (07 5202 0555).

Referring to a SCHHS Emergency Department

  • GPs do not need to call the Emergency Department (ED), unless seeking clinical advice.
  • GPs do not need to fax a referral letter, if the referral letter accompanies the patient. If additional information needs to be faxed to the ED or if a referral cannot accompany a patient, use the appropriate fax number. Please do not use any other fax numbers.
  • Make sure the referral letter / clinical handover documents stay with the patient or Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS).
  • SCHHS ED Contact details
  • See HealthPathways - Emergency Assessment for more information.

What is HealthPathways?

Sunshine Coast and Gympie HealthPathways is intended to be the most up-to-date hospital referral guideline and provides clinical management advice for referring health providers.

HealthPathways are designed to be used at the point of care, primarily for General Practitioners but is also available to Hospital Specialists, Nurses, Allied Health and other Health Professionals within Sunshine Coast and Gympie.

The pathways have been jointly developed by consensus and collaboration between hospital clinicians and general practice teams.

How to access Sunshine Coast and Gympie HealthPathways

If you are a health professional in Sunshine Coast and Gympie and would like to have access to the Sunshine Coast and Gympie HealthPathways, please contact the PHN for support and login details.

Standard required referral information

  • Presenting symptoms
  • Details of previous treatment and outcome of the treatment
  • Details of any associated medical conditions which may affect the condition or its treatment (e.g. diabetes)
  • Physical findings (incl eg BMI)
  • Family history
  • Current medications and dosages
  • Drug allergies, alcohol, tobacco, drug use
  • Clinical modifiers (e.g. impact on employment, education, ADL)
  • Willingness to have surgery, where surgery is a likely intervention.

3 common missing sources of referral information

  1. Missing history details, e.g. evolution and duration of symptoms, functional disability (clinical modifiers), impact on activities of daily living, Body Mass Index (BMI).
  2. Missing management to date, what has been trialed already?
  3. Missing additional referral information, e.g. medical imaging reports, pathology reports, histopathology reports, pure tone audiogram etc.

Before referring to the SCHHS please visit Sunshine Coast and Gympie HealthPathways. Contact the GP Liaison Unit for questions or more information.

Last updated: 22 November 2021