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Referral criteria for allied health outpatient services

Minimum referral requirements for allied health outpatient referrals

As a minimum referrals to Allied Health Outpatients Department must contain the following. Additional, condition specific referral criteria can be found on the GP referrals page.

Clerical referral details required:

  • full name of patient (including aliases)
  • name of parent/caregiver/next of kin
  • full address of patient
  • telephone contact details for patient: home, mobile and alternative e.g. work
  • date of birth
  • preferred language and need for interpreter
  • Medicare number
  • name, address, telephone, fax, email contact and provider number of referring GP
  • DVA, Work Cover or Third Party Insurance provider e.g. motor vehicle insurance
  • ATSI/non-ATSI
  • date of referral.

Clinical referral details required:

  • reason for referral
  • history of the current condition
  • findings from clinical examination
  • results of investigations
  • treatment options trialled thus far – CDMP trialled/ineligible
  • relevant past medical and surgical history
  • relevant psychosocial history
  • up-to-date list of current medications including any 'over the counter preparations' or supplements
  • drug allergies and relevant clinical alerts.

Guiding principles for General Practitioners

The patient should:

  • have used all sessions of their GP Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) (if they were appropriate for one) before being referred to the Allied Health Outpatients Department
  • live or work in the SCHHS catchment area
  • be eligible for public medical treatment in Australia and hold a Medicare card.
    • Patients eligible for compensation will be redirected to the private sector, unless the service is unavailable privately.
  • access allied health services through their private insurance (if they have it) rather than being referred to the Allied Health Outpatients Service.

Further referral notes:

  • Allied health disciplines only accept GP referrals for specified clinical areas.
  • Individual allied health disciplines use specific prioritisation procedures for outpatient referrals. Contact the Allied Health Outpatient Department at the relevant SCHHS site for further information.
Last updated: 31 October 2014