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PPMS Outpatient services

The SCPPMS provides outpatient services from Nambour General Hospital, Ground Floor of Block 2. The multidisciplinary team includes pain medicine physicians, psychiatrist, rehabilitation physician, clinical nurse consultants, advanced allied health assistant, advanced allied health practitioners, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and administrative officers. Along with medical management current services aim to enhance self-management and independence and include:

  • The Pain 101 education program, which is the most common entry point for patients into the service
  • Medical outpatient sessions including pain medicine physician, psychiatrist and rehabilitation physician assessment and intervention
  • Allied health outpatient sessions
  • Team assessment sessions: A thorough multidisciplinary assessment by psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and pain medicine specialists
  • Medical procedural interventions if indicated after assessment
  • Various small group programs like PREP (to improve physical function and pain management), MIND (mindfulness and other psychological coping strategies), and PACING Activity workshops .
  • Conjoint assessment and consultation with the local Alcohol and Other Drug Team (AODs)
  • Tele-health education (for distant patients) programs are in development and some have commenced.
  • Sub-acute clinics- early intervention and prevention clinics, for patients with resolving acute pain (after 6 wks) and concerns that the pain may progress to persistent pain.
  • Phone advice and case conferencing available at pre-arranged times for GPs, and allied health, for consultation, and discussion of local and distance patients.
Last updated: 29 July 2021