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Paediatric pain

Paediatric clinic

For adolescents and children with persistent pain, our service can offer similar services to adults such as multidisciplinary group programs and individual therapy. Children and young people benefit from learning self-management skills for pain in an interactive group setting and individual therapy to focus on particular skills e.g. physiotherapy for strength and conditioning, occupational therapy for return to school guidance and psychology for skill building, resilience, anxiety management and communication strategies. Parents play a vital role in optimal pain management for their children so parents are also involved in group and individual therapy.

POP: Power Over Pain program

A small group which runs one three-hour session per week, for four weeks. This program is an interactive group targeted at children and teenagers with persistent pain. The aim of the group is to encourage young people to learn alternate ways to cope with pain. The program includes aqua-therapy and parent education.


Referring a child or teenager to PPMS involves completing a GP Referral + Entry patient questionnaire (the same process as an adult referral) via the Health Pathways website (Sunshine Coast and GympieWide Bay). Once both components are received, further questionnaires from the Bath Centre of Pain Research will be provided as these are more age and parent appropriate.

Last updated: 22 August 2019