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GPs and Specialists

What can Persistent Pain Management Services offer patients?

The Sunshine Coast Persistent Pain Management Service (SCPPMS) is not a diagnostic service. We offer consultative, time-limited treatment and management advice. Our services are for complex persistent pain patients, both adult and paediatric, who require a multidisciplinary approach to the management of their pain. If you require information about medication management of persistent pain please visit:

Patients are expected to take an active role in understanding their pain, learning self-management techniques and engaging in functional rehabilitation in order to improve quality of life and long-term health.

Patients are able to access both individual and group treatment options, please see brochures for more detailed information:


How to Refer: GPs and Specialists

  1. Please read the Screening and Referral Guide before referring.
  2. The PPMS brochure can be downloaded and given to the patient during the GP appointment. This brochure outlines the aims and objectives of the Persistent Pain Management Services, and sets out the patient's roles and responsibilities.
  3. The Persistent Pain Management Service requires that the patient entry questionnaire be completed by the patient and sent with the referral.
  4. Please see the Health Pathways website (Sunshine Coast and GympieWide Bay) for direct referral to PPMS. See 'Which Service to Refer to' for contact details of other persistent pain services

Hospital/Specialist referral

Referrals are accepted from specialists, particularly in urgent cases (priority) such as the early stages of CRPS, and placed on a priority booking; however we still require a GP referral letter to provide further information not available to the specialist. This is also to involve the GP in the ongoing care of patient. For urgent appointments, the patient questionnaire can be completed at our office on the day of initial appointment with the PPMS. For other referrals, the completed questionnaire should be attached.

Phone advice following referral

  • PPMS offers phone advice; this can be indicated on the referral. Phone teleconferencing is offered for review patients and distant patients.
  • Phone advice between the GP and PPMS may be warranted in some circumstances, no matter the pain duration, if advice can make an immediate difference to the patient's quality of life and improvements to their medical condition (e.g. medication/ diagnostic/ general advice).
Last updated: 22 August 2019