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Video Transcript

Transcript of Interview with Doctors

Wishlist provides an avenue to give money that we can use or you can use to do something that you otherwise may not be able to do.

Wishlist has been a huge supporter of not just our department but the whole hospital for many years and the benefit that we gain from an organisation like that is the ability to fund avenues which aren’t necessarily funded by the government or through the standard funding measures.

That’s a great opportunity to extend your knowledge and skills and develop yourself in your career into the future.

Most importantly Wishlist also provides a lot of clinical equipment for our department.  We’ve had special oxysymetry machines oxygen delivery devices and these machines help us manage our children, particularly the children who are quite sick who we used to try and send to Brisbane we can now in the main keep them up at Nambour hospital and manage them effectively. So across the span of clinical management and particularly with parent and children’s care and entertainment Wishlist continue to provide a wonderful service to our department and for that we are extremely grateful.

I think it’s relevant for the young doctors coming through now to have the support because there is now an increased opportunity for them to participate in early career research supported by senior clinicians and grants from Wishlist.

We look forward to Wishlist increasing their contributions to Research.

The other thing is professional development and opportunities to present work or attend meetings nationally for all staff, so not just medical staff but for administration staff, allied health staff and nursing staff and Wishlist has a program where you can apply for grants to attend and travel to those meetings so again that’s an opportunity for staff within our department to perhaps get to something they may not have attended otherwise.

The ability to have an idea, an innovative idea that may or may not be easily funded through the standard sources is something that Wishlist can help with so supporting it in the ability to generate those funds for Wishlist to then source out to clinicians is a valuable thing.

My association with the Wishlist. They’re positive they’re encouraging, they’re resourceful, and they’re there to help. So get behind them, give them some ideas you will be amazed with what they can do with those ideas to assist in you managing clinical care of your patients and their parents as well. Thank you.


Last updated: 19 May 2014