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Media releases

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

21 September 2017Easy Access to Information about Type 2 Diabetes (PDF, 235 KB)
20 September 2017Funding expands Sunshine Coast child development service  (PDF, 237 KB)
13 September 2017 Make taking care of yourself a priority this October (PDF, 234 KB)
8 September 2017 Oh baby! (PDF, 233 KB)
8 September 2017 Get a fresh perspective on your type 2 diabetes (PDF, 233 KB)
8 September 2017Community support leads to generous donation (PDF, 235 KB)
1 September 2017 Think FAST and act fast this Stroke Week (PDF, 243 KB)
10 August 2017Refresher course for registered nurses (PDF, 249 KB)
9 August 2017Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 277 KB)
2 August 2017Type 2 diabetes workshop creates positive outlook (PDF, 308 KB)
29 July 2017Instant donor sign-on to save lives (PDF, 272 KB)
26 July 2017It’s fast, female-friendly and free! (PDF, 293 KB)
19 July 2017Diabetes home visiting service success (PDF, 250 KB)
12 July 2017Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 279 KB)
11 July 2017Are you at risk of diabetes? (PDF, 237 KB)
8 July 2017Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes? Assess your risk online (PDF, 312 KB)
5 July 2017Local hepatology partnership curing Hepatitis C in the community (PDF, 249 KB)
30 June 2017Nurse navigators assist with patient’s entire health care journey (PDF, 286 KB)
16 June 2017New treatment targets cancer closely (PDF, 252 KB)
9 June 2017Shift the health odds in your favour (PDF, 287 KB)
8 June 2017Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 285 KB)
7 June 2017Moving tribute to lives lost and lives saved (PDF, 253 KB)
1 June 2017Change for Health Service Chief Executive (PDF, 278 KB)
1 June 2017BreastScreen Queensland is back in Kilcoy this June (PDF, 253 KB)
31 May 2017In safe hands at Gympie Hospital (PDF, 313 KB)
25 May 2017Sunshine Coast cardiac trial provides early detection of heart disease (PDF, 238 KB)
22 May 2017Local dietitian wins national award for research (PDF, 237 KB)
19 May 2017National Palliative Care Week: You matter, your care matters (PDF, 229 KB)
12 May 2017Sunshine Coast health board to benefit from continuity
11 May 2017Sunshine Coast University Hospital awarded accreditation (PDF, 155 KB)
9 May 2017Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service celebrates its volunteers (PDF, 233 KB)
2 May 2017Research critical to improving patient care (PDF, 309 KB)
27 April 2017Caloundra BreastScreen now easier to access! (PDF, 249 KB)
27 April 2017It is even easier to have a breast screen in Nambour now! (PDF, 256 KB)
24 April 2017Free workshops for parents concerned with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 287 KB)
21 April 2017 Learn to manage your diabetes with a free home visit from a diabetes educator (PDF, 333 KB)
20 April 2017Wet weather means more mozzies (PDF, 245 KB)
18 April 2017Free diabetes education for workers (PDF, 316 KB)
12 April 2017BreastScreen Queensland is back in Tin Can Bay this May (PDF, 252 KB)
11 April 2017Magic bullet for diabetes management (PDF, 284 KB)
4 April 2017Indigenous doctor completes first anaesthetic at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (PDF, 244 KB)
3 April 2017Patient survey to provide health check for Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (PDF, 305 KB)
31 March 2017Public Health advice on staying safe and healthy when there are storms, floods or loss of power (PDF, 269 KB)
30 March 2017First baby welcomed at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (PDF, 311 KB)
27 March 2017In safe hands at Gympie Hospital (PDF, 312 KB)
27 March 2017Inpatient services to begin at Sunshine Coast University Hospital (PDF, 304 KB)
21 March 2017Adem Crosby’s mother Lu treated on opening day of SCUH cancer care centre (PDF, 289 KB)
20 March 2017Maternity services to commence at SCUH from 29 March (PDF, 291 KB)
16 March 2017Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 279 KB)
14 March 2017BreastScreen Queensland is back at Nambour Mill Shopping Village until 24 March 2017 (PDF, 250 KB)
13 March 2017Your heart will be in good hands at Sunshine Coast University Hospital  (PDF, 303 KB)
10 March 2017Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital part of Statewide patient survey (PDF, 310 KB)
10 March 2017Fear of food, food for thought for people with diabetes (PDF, 287 KB)
8 March 2017SCUH Outpatient Service Commencement Dates Confirmed (PDF, 253 KB)
7 March 2017Local mums celebrate one year and over 500 babies born (PDF, 236 KB)
28 February 2017Opening schedule gets final go ahead (PDF, 221 KB)
24 February 2017Nurse practitioners: helping you access quality healthcare when and where you need it (PDF, 238 KB)
21 February 2017Diabetes management back on track - Gympie (PDF, 234 KB)
20 February 2017 Exceptional quality renal services at your preferred location (PDF, 306 KB)
14 February 2017 Get a sneak peek at the future of health (PDF, 241 KB)
10 February 2017 It's going to be hot, hot, hot this weekend – keep your cool! (PDF, 291 KB)
09 February 2017No more excuses for busy women (PDF, 333 KB)
07 February 2017New generation of nurses joins Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (PDF, 233 KB)
06 February 2017Diabetes management back on track (PDF, 236 KB)
06 February 2017Sunshine Coast University Hospital reaches commissioning milestone (PDF, 229 KB)
24 January 2017Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health staff recognised with Australia Day Achievement Awards (PDF, 218 KB)
19 January 2017New medical interns arrive on the Sunshine Coast (PDF, 215 KB)
18 January 2017Get creative with back to school lunches (PDF, 223 KB)
17 January 2017New technology for the New Year at Gympie Hospital (PDF, 235 KB)
13 January 2017Gympie Hospital to ‘grow its own doctors’ with rural program (PDF, 302 KB)
12 January 2017Tick Off Your First Health Check for the Year (PDF, 245 KB)
22 December 2016Calling all volunteers: be a part of your community’s new hospital! (PDF, 218 KB)
20 December 2016‘Tis the season to be mindful of your mental health (PDF, 223 KB)
19 December 2016Spend time with family this Christmas, not emergency department staff (PDF, 223 KB)
14 December 2016Gympie Hospital focuses on preventing falls: in the community and in hospital (PDF, 246 KB)
08 December 2016Summer means more mozzies (PDF, 245 KB)
05 December 2016Caloundra Health Service staff pay for 600 loads of laundry for Sunshine Coast homeless PDF, 238 KB
01 December 2016Reminder not to handle sick or injured bats (PDF, 247 KB)
30 November 2016Summer is here! Don’t overheat during this weekend’s scorcher (PDF, 284 KB)
29 November 2016Did you know: HIV is still here – and it’s on the move? (PDF, 286 KB)
28 November 2016Public Health alert issued for measles (PDF, 269 KB)
24 November 2016Director of nursing, Gympie Hospital wins region’s top health award (PDF, 301 KB)
22 November 2016SCHHS celebrates achievements and more than 8700 years of service (PDF, 237 KB)
11 November 2016Learn to control your diabetes, even during the festive season
10 November 2016Are you an antibiotic misuser? (PDF, 219 KB)
08 November 2016Finish ticking off this year’s health checks (PDF, 378 KB)
27 October 2016Kidney disease support group for men (PDF, 235 KB)
18 October 2016Sunshine Coast staff showcase innovative research as Wishlist research grant recipients announced (PDF, 270 KB)
17 October 2016Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 284 KB)
14 October 2016An opportunity for Beerwah women to consider their breast health this October (PDF, 324 KB) 
11 October 2016Celebrating the nurses who look after patients ‘under the knife’ (PDF, 289 KB) 
10 October 2016Turn the tables on type 2 diabetes (PDF, 232 KB)
07 October 2016SCHHS celebrates Mental Health Week 2016 (PDF, 242 KB)
05 October 2016Queensland Health calling Sunshine Coast and Gympie mothers (PDF, 233 KB) 
04 October 2016Gympie: you can turn the tables on type 2 diabetes! (PDF, 236 KB)
30 September 2016Record numbers of patients treated (PDF, 249 KB)
28 September 2016Riding the wave toward improved mental health (PDF, 221 KB)
27 September 2016Have you experienced My Aged Care? Your feedback wanted! (PDF, 234 KB)
26 September 2016Get vaccinated to protect your baby (PDF, 234 KB) 
21 September 2016You can manage anxiety! Learn how at free workshop (PDF, 236 KB)
19 September 2016Free breast cancer screening at Morayfield in October  (PDF, 230KB)
15 September 2016Turn the tables on type 2 diabetes (PDF, 235KB)
14 September 2016Free breast cancer screening is back in Kawana Waters (PDF, 321KB)
13 September 2016Mothers and midwives and bubs, oh my! (PDF, 236KB)
12 September 2016Enriched environments improve outcomes for stroke patients (PDF, 229KB)
06 September 2016Ladies, make taking care of yourselves a priority (PDF, 221KB)
30 August 2016Support for new parents in Sunshine Coast and Gympie (PDF, 221KB)
19 August 2016All ears for Hearing Awareness Week 21 – 28 August (PDF, 223KB)
18 August 2016Sunshine Coast locals reach out for diabetes education (PDF, 232KB)
17 August 2016Nurse-led breast cancer clinic a Gympie Hospital first (PDF, 236KB)
12 August 2016Is too much iron making you sick? (PDF, 227KB)
03 August 2016Gympie locals reach out for diabetes education (PDF, 230KB)
01 August 2016Breastfeeding: no pollution, packaging or waste! (PDF, 305KB)
29 July 2016Sunshine Coast residents going pink for the ‘gift of life’ (PDF, 234KB)
28 July 2016How healthy are your bones? (PDF, 219KB)
22 July 2016Ladies, learn how to look after your smile this Dental Health Week (PDF, 249KB)
22 July 2016You look good, but how do you feel? (PDF, 237KB)
18 July 2016Free workshops for Nambour parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties (PDF, 301KB)
13 July 2016Support for mental health carers, online and in person (PDF, 316KB)
13 July 2016Free workshop to help you manage your type 2 diabetes (PDF, 233KB)
11 July 2016Are you at risk of type 2 diabetes? Assess your risk online  (PDF, 250KB)
07 July 2016Bringing death to life, this Dying to Know Day (PDF, 235KB)
01 July 2016Gympie students choose Gympie Hospital as 'gratitude buddy' (PDF, 237KB)
30 June 2016Local doctor makes a difference with numbers, not medicine (PDF, 238KB)
30 June 2016SCHHS celebrates NAIDOC Week and a new model of care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (PDF, 424KB)
28 June 2016Meet the man behind the machine: medical physicist Daniel Sopher (PDF, 253KB)
23 June 2016Get your continence back (PDF, 235KB)
23 June 2016Do you know how to tuck your baby safely into bed? (PDF, 266KB)
22 June 2016Still time to register for Mental Health Nursing Forum (PDF, 235KB)
16 June 2016Moving tribute to lives lost and lives saved (PDF, 229KB)
16 June 2016Free workshop on how to manage your Type 2 diabetes (PDF, 231KB)
13 June 2016Men’s Health Week 2016 – What makes you happy? (PDF, 229KB)
13 June 2016Get fit and chill. (PDF, 236KB)
9 June 2016Nurse navigators assist with patient’s entire health care journey. (PDF, 287KB)
6 June 2016Free workshops for parents perplexed with their child’s toilet difficulties. (PDF, 300KB)
6 June 2016Medical Research Week 2016 shines spotlight on SCHHS research. (PDF, 221KB)
2 June 2016Join the movement for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month: early detection is key. (PDF, 264KB)
1 June 2016High-tech hospital bed improves Gympie patients’ safety and nurses’ backs. (PDF, 374KB)
31 May 2016Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session - Gympie. (PDF, 230KB)
23 May 2016'I Kidney Check' for Kidney Health Week; do you? (PDF, 285KB)
20 May 2016Quality care, for a better quality of life (National Palliative Care Week). (PDF, 227KB)
18 May 2016Nambour General Hospital staff join firies to train for emergency. (PDF, 252KB)
16 May 2016Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session. (PDF, 230KB)
11 May 2016Get a check up at the Well Person’s Health Check Day. (PDF, 281KB)
10 May 2016Celebrating a force for change this International Nurses Day. (PDF, 291KB)
09 May 2016BreastScreen Queensland is coming back to Maleny. (PDF, 317KB)
04 May 2016NHMRC Partnership grant aimed at saving lives of kidney patients. (PDF, 215KB)
02 May 2016$1 million to boost research and enhance health care in the future. (PDF, 246KB)
29 April 2016Stroke Care Champion leads life-saving team. (PDF, 248KB)
29 April 2016Take care of your ticker: before and after a heart attack. (PDF, 228KB)
29 April 2016Maleny mothers supported by Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service. (PDF, 224KB)
27 April 2016Inaugural board chair makes difficult decision. (PDF, 219KB)
26 April 2016Calling all nurses on the Sunshine Coast! (PDF, 229KB)
21 April 2016Reminder not to handle sick or injured bats (PDF, 243KB)
18 April 2016Protect yourself against the flu - get vaccinated (PDF, 226KB)
14 April 2016Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session (PDF, 226KB)
13 April 2016BreastScreen Queensland is coming back to Tin Can Bay (PDF, 318KB)
12 April 2016Perplexed with your child’s toilet difficulties? Free parent information workshops! (PDF, 296KB)
06 April 2016World Health Day: let’s beat diabetes! (PDF, 312KB)
05 April 2016Baby boom breaks birth record at Nambour General Hospital (PDF, 231KB)
04 April 2016Maleny IGA’s generous donation to local hospital (PDF, 224KB)
29 March 2016Region’s sickest patients in good hands in Nambour General Hospital (PDF, 284KB)
24 March 2016Take it easy this Easter (PDF, 421KB)
23 March 2016Get involved and go purple for epilepsy awareness (PDF, 239KB)
18 March 2016Flowers to brighten the day at BreastScreen Queensland (PDF, 233KB)
15 March 2016Local mums thankful for same midwife before, during and after giving birth (PDF, 240KB)
14 March 2016Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session (PDF, 231KB)
9 March 2016World Kidney Day 2016 – Act early and prevent it! (PDF, 223KB)
9 March 2016Gympie teens learn how to P.A.R.T.Y (PDF, 222KB)
8 March 2016Support HIV positive women this National Day of Women Living with HIV in Australia (PDF, 234KB)
8 March 2016Safety first for new hospital (PDF, 216KB)  | Watch the video conference >
2 March 2016Nambour General Hospital enhances emergency services (PDF, 234KB)
29 February 2016Exercise test minimises risk for patients having surgery (PDF, 234KB)
24 February 2016Gympie's elderly benefitting from early assessments (PDF, 218KB)
24 February 2016Thank you Caloundra Hospital Auxiliary for your multi-million dollar support (PDF, 306KB)
12 February 2016Eat better, feel better for Healthy Weight Week (PDF, 231KB)
11 February 2016Play it safe with your Valentine, this National Condom Day (PDF, 231KB)
10 February 2016Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session (PDF, 230KB)
8 February 2016Award winning Palliative Care Service celebrates sixth anniversary (PDF, 236KB)
4 February 2016World Cancer Day: We can. I can. make healthy lifestyle choices (PDF, 234KB)
3 February 2016Parents asked to get creative for back to school lunches (PDF, 218KB)
27 January 2016Has your child’s smile been on holidays too? (PDF, 221KB)
25 January 2016Avoid food poisoning this Australia Day (PDF, 246KB)
25 January 2016Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health staff recognised with Australia Day Achievement Awards (PDF, 205KB)
15 January 2016Support for stroke survivors and their carers (PDF, 230KB)
13 January 2016Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service’s award winning Palliative Care Service one of the best in Australia (PDF, 219KB)
12 January 2016Learn how to manage anxiety at free workshop (PDF, 220KB)
8 January 2016Record number of nursing graduates welcomed (PDF, 220KB)
4 January 2016Tick off your first health check for the year (PDF, 225KB)
4 January 2016Share your ideas and help improve health services in Gympie (PDF, 217KB)
23 December 2015Helping you help yourself with persistent pain management (PDF, 222KB)
21 December 2015Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings for patients! (PDF, 218KB)
17 December 2015We don’t want to meet you at work this Christmas, but we will be here if you need us (PDF, 220KB)
14 December 2015You’re in good hands with the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service (PDF, 226KB)
11 December 2015Summer means more mozzies (PDF, 222KB)
10 December 2015How to maintain a safe rainwater tank this summer (PDF, 220KB)
4 December 2015Don’t let dodgy food spoil your festive fun! (PDF, 243KB)
4 December 2015SCHHS Celebrates its Volunteers (PDF, 221KB)
30 November 2015E.N.D. H.I.V. this World AIDS Day (PDF, 218KB)
27 November 2015Maleny’s Movement Disorder Clinic changing lives (PDF, 221KB)
26 November 2015Dr Sandra Peters wins region’s top health award (PDF, 232KB)
24 November 2015SCHHS celebrates achievements and more than 12,000 years of service (PDF, 221KB)
23 November 2015Calling all blokes: come for your free health check! (PDF, 217KB)
20 November 2015Don’t overheat during this weekend’s scorcher! (PDF, 216KB)
19 November 2015DonateLife Thank You Day and James Ackerman Memorial Race Day (PDF, 222KB)
17 November 2015Cooking on a budget this festive season (PDF, 219KB)
16 November 2015Antibiotics: handle with care! (PDF, 235KB)
11 November 2015Growing the flow for Team Adem saving hundreds of lives (PDF, 218KB)
04 November 2015Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session (PDF, 219KB)
03 November 2015Patient passport enhances health outcomes at Gympie Hospital (PDF, 221KB)
02 November 2015World class endoscopy unit right on our doorstep (PDF, 53KB)
02 November 2015No Smoking at hospital or face an on-the-spot fine (PDF, 216KB)
28 October 2015Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service interns in good hands (PDF, 216KB)
28 October 2015What’s your date to vaccinate? (PDF, 241KB)
20 October 2015Time for Beerwah to think Pink this October (PDF, 234KB)
20 October 2015Are you serving up bone strength? World Osteoporosis Day (PDF, 216KB)
12 October 2015Sunshine Coast staff showcase innovative research as Wishlist research grant recipients announced (PDF, 264KB)
07 October 2015Celebrating Mental Health Week (PDF, 225KB)
29 September 2015Lose the booze for Ocsober (PDF, 222KB)
25 September 2015Be good to your ticker this World Heart Day (PDF, 219KB)
18 September 2015Award winning teamwork at Sunshine Coast Palliative Care Service (PDF, 218KB)
14 September 2015Sunshine Coast doctor named Australia's Stroke Care Champion! (PDF, 223KB)
10 September 2015Maleny residents covered by BreastScreen (PDF, 225KB)
08 September 2015Host a BBQ for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (PDF, 214KB)
04 September 2015R U OK? Day; a conversation could change a life (PDF, 214KB)
01 September 2015Sunshine Coast man given a second chance at life: "I am the luckiest man in Australia!" (PDF, 226KB)
26 August 2015Grow the flow for Team Adem: Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service Blood Donation Challenge (PDF, 236KB)
25 August 2015Sunshine Coast dental wait lists continue to improve (PDF, 226KB)
20 August 2015Show you care on Daffodil Day (PDF, 219KB)
07 August 2015BreastScreen well covered by Bunnings! (PDF, 215KB)
04 August 2015Breastfeeding and work: let’s make it work! (PDF, 237KB)
06 August 2015Calling all dads: give your child the best start you can (PDF 212KB)
03 August 2015Man's best friend brings joy to hospital patients (PDF 215KB)
31 July 2015Seven sporting sins that can put your teeth at risk (PDF 210KB)
30 July 2015Have the chat that saves lives for DonateLife Week (PDF 216KB)
29 July 2015Staff colour Gympie hospital purple for a cause (PDF 212KB)
23 July 2015Sunshine Coast, we have one of the best sonographers in Australasia! (PDF 212KB)
15 July 2015Queensland students inspired to Write For Life  (PDF 222KB)
10 July 2015Dying to Know Day: talking about death won't kill you  (PDF 216KB)
07 July 2015Physiotherapy outpatient clinic reduces surgery waiting lists (PDF 220KB)
07 July 2015Register now to help improve health services! (PDF 216KB)
03 July 2015From pest trees to children's toys (PDF 219 KB)
03 July 2015Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service celebrates NAIDOC Week (PDF 624KB)
30 June 2015Bribie women: get screened! (PDF 222KB)
29 June 2015Nurses' paintings brighten paediatric ward (PDF 216KB)
24 June 2015Health clinic offering new service to Gympie residents (PDF 223KB)
23 June 2015Hospital helps high school student's kick-start their careers (PDF 214KB)
23 June 2015Local nurses awarded for overseas humanitarian work (PDF 605KB)
23 June 2015Learn how to manage anxiety at free workshop (PDF 218KB)
17 June 2015Sunshine Coast honours ultimate gift of life (PDF 217KB)
17 June 2015Telling it like it is: share your ideas and help improve health services (PDF 222KB)
16 June 2015World Elder Abuse Awarness Day (PDF 225
11 June 2015Get your continence back (PDF 211KB)
11 June 2015Early detection is key: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (PDF 216KB)
10 June 2015Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me information session (PDF 219KB)
09 June 2015In good hands at Caloundra Hospital emegency department (PDF 222KB)
05 June 2015Don't drop your healthy lifestyle as winter temperatures drop (PDF 218KB)
03 June 2015BreastScreen Queensland is back in Kilcoy (PDF 195KB)
28 May 2015Community catering pays for high-tech beds for Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital (PDF 221KB)
27 May 2015Influenza is avoidable - vaccinate! (PDF 215KB)
27 May 2015Make every day NO Tobacco Day (PDF 226KB)
21 May 2015

Free breast cancer screening in Maleny (PDF 225KB)

21 May 2015

Get to know your body's unsung heroes this Kidney Health Week (PDF 224KB)

18 May 2015

Dying to talk: talking about death won't kill you (PDF 222KB)

15 May 2015Parking boost for Gympie Hospital (PDF 218KB)
8 May 2015Celebrating a force of change this International Nurses Day (PDF 221KB)
6 May 2015Dental graduate gains wealth of experience with Sunshine Coast Oral Health Services (PDF 220KB)
1 May 2015

Patients give the thumbs up for their experience at Maleny Soldiers Memorial Hospital (PDF 220KB)

28 April 2015

High-tech donation borne from recycled goods (PDF 191KB)

27 April 2015

Immunity boosts, the key to good health (PDF 222KB)

23 April 2015

Adem Crosby's legacy continues to give with $5000 nursing award (PDF 222KB)

14 April 2015Australian first for Gympie nurse practitioner (PDF 967KB)
15 April 2015

ANZAC spirit celebrated at Maleny (PDF 193KB).

10 April 2015

Protect yourself and your loved ones from flu this winter (PDF 225KB)

9 April 2015

Oh baby, what a month (PDF 123KB)

27 March 2015

Free Type 2 Diabetes and Nutrition Workshop (PDF 192KB)

23 March 2015

DIY blood program celebrates a year of at home care (PDF 208KB)

23 March 2015

Tin Can Bay women - Get screening! (PDF 226KB)

20 March 2015

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Community program connects with local youth (PDF 208KB)

16 March 2015

Smile for life on World Oral Health Day (PDF 238KB)

16 March 2015

P.A.R.T.Y. time for Sunshine Coast Students (PDF 193KB)

11 March 2015

Community Support and Rehabilitation clinic opens in Gympie (PDF 207kb)

5 March 2015

More choice for Buderim women (PDF 190KB)

3 March 2015

Maleny Walk of Remembrance (PDF 192KB)

4 February 2015

Free Type 2 Diabetes and Me Workshop. (PDF 215 KB)

6 February 2015

BreastScreen Queensland's mobile service comes to Pelican Waters . (PDF 218 KB)

29 January 2015

BreastScreen Queensland is back in Kenilworth. (PDF 208 KB)

28 January 2015

Avoid food poisoning this Australia Day. (PDF 244KB)

23 January 2015

Two Sunshine Coast doctors awarded Australia Day Achievement Awards (PDF 219KB)

22 January 2015Extended midwifery service expands (PDF 218KB)
19 January 2015Little patients can breathe easy (PDF 85KB)
19 January 2015

Free Managing Anxiety Workshop at Caloundra (PDF 90KB)

7 January 2015Sunshine Coast welcomes new interns (PDF, 90KB)
26 November 2014

Nambour Hospital to conduct emergency preparedness training exercise (PDF, 94KB)

25 November 2014Australia’s first statewide surgery guarantee announced (PDF, 211KB)
5 November 2014Maleny Hospital to participate in patient experience survey (PDF, 85KB)
22 October 2014There's no place like home (PDF, 101KB)
21 October 2014

Elective surgery action (PDF, 88KB)

17 October 2014

Cook book author special guest at Nambour Hospital (PDF, 98KB)

17 October 2014

BreastScreen Queensland is back in Beerwah 21 October – 7 November 2014 (PDF, 98KB)

7 October 2014Annual report showcases exceptional performance (PDF, 94KB)
2 October 2014Free breast cancer screening in Kawana 7 – 13 October 2014 (PDF, 94KB)
26 September 14

Gympie Hospital welcomes Emergency Nurse Practitioner (PDF, 90KB)

8 September 2014

National Stroke Week 8 - 14 September 2014 (PDF, 106KB)

12 August 2014

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service leading the way in research (PDF, 113KB)

7 August 2014Child healthy lifestyle program Caloundra 7 October - 12 December 2014 (PDF, 97KB)
29 July 2014

Telehealth launches from Gympie (PDF, 99KB)

1 July 2014Gympie Hospital re-accredited as Baby Friendly Hospital (PDF, 96KB)
20 June 2014

Nambour to host next free Managing Anxiety Workshop (PDF, 92KB)

22 May 2014

Helping your family survive when you die (PDF, 69KB)

22 May 2014

Babies, Toddlers and Dads seminar (PDF, 56KB)

21 May 2014BreastScreen Queensland now providing early morning appointments (PDF, 56.5KB)
12 May 2014

More choices for pregnant women at Nambour Hospital (PDF, 204KB)

8 May 2014

Sunshine Coast dental wait lists (PDF, 164KB)

7 May 2014

Dr Vega Vega's employment at SCHHS (PDF, 152KB)

7 May 2014

Heart Week 4 - 10 May 2014 (PDF, 204KB)

16 April 2014

April is 'No Falls' month (PDF, 208KB)

16 April 2014

Don't 'hop' off the rails this Easter (PDF, 204KB)

Last updated: 21 September 2017